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Is is true if a police officer can't/won't show you the "clocker" he cant issue a speeding ticket?
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Is is true if a police officer can't/won't show you the "clocker" he cant issue a speeding ticket?

I heard that if a police officer cannot show you or wont show you the "clocker" (i don't know what its called.), he cant issue a ticket and/ or you can get the ticket dismissed b/c he refused to show you?
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I didn't get a ticket or anything just wondering!


not true. we do not have to show you the readout.

celada b
Don't you wish.... just pay the ticket and shut up.

No it's all a part of the extortion conspiracy..

No he doesn't have to show you.

Gun Control means I didnt miss
No it isnt. His citation is based upon his observations and no such requirement exists in statute.

It varies from state to state. Unfortunately I got a speeding ticket the other day and the officer said Georgia law requires him to ask me if I want to see my clocked speed. So, I guess it depends on where you are. Thanks, and have a good day!

No. They just give you the ticket.

No, I don't have to.

bobby d
not true

Tyler Durden
police officers can also give speeding tickets if they "pace", that is drive at the same speed, a car to determine if speeding was taking place.

i don't really know never been in such situation

not true

Nope. I'd always heard the same thing. I did some research and I'm pretty sure now that it doesn't matter.

Todd J
no that is not true...he doesn't have to show you. Most will if you ask politely and if they are ethical.

I don't believe so. I've had one show me, and I did get a ticket, but got off because the speed limit sign was so old and down in a culvert. I didn't see it. Worse part it was for a Daycare area and they were lined up on the side giving tickets like crazy.

nope, not true. The radar is only a tool to confirm his visual observations. An officer is a trained observer, he accomplishes this by contstantly watching traffic, judging vehicle speeds, confirming this with a calibrated radar unit until he can accuratley estimate a vehicles speed within 4-5 miles per hour.

In any state, when in court, you can demand to see and examine the measuring device and/or its certifications just prior to issuance of the ticket. This comes under the constitutional guarantee that you may see and cross examine your accuser. However, if you do, be prepared to get reamed if you can't prove fault. City court may balk at it and you will have to appeal to state. I wouldn't do it unless I had a lawyer.

Tickets are a game played by agreed on rules. A traffic lawyer is always your best bet. He knows the judges and the judges know him and they have an understanding. They both play the game by the rules and you can stay out of it.

Jeffrey E
The police officer in most states can issue you a ticket without anything but verbal proof. You see you are either offender/criminal. All he has to do as an offixcer of the court is offer his testimony. it is up to you to find some way of proving he is lying/mistating the facts, or abusing his authority. Not a very easy thing to accomplish unless the officer has a record for doing such things. Up until that point in time it is your word as a criminal/offender (probable) against his word as an officer of the court/community.

That's an interesting question. I shall await the answer, as well. Have a good day!

Okay, there were no answers yet when I posted this. >sigh<

Dog Lover
NO to all..

The police are not required to show you the read out on the speed measure device (radar, laser, ect.).

Just another myth.

It is NOT true. However, when you go to court, you can tell the judge that you asked to see the radar, and the officer refused. That may help your case.

Mr. God
urban legend.
I cop doesnt even have to use radar to issue you a speeding ticket. He can actually follow you and clock you that way. Sit on a bridge and time you between two points and calculate it that way. Also keep in mind if you are a smartass to the cop, he can say something like "ok forget about the speeding ticket, I will just give you one for careless driving. Try to beat that in court. And a careless driving ticket is much worse than a speeding ticket

I suppose that this is possible. But as a rule the cop doesn't have to show you the RADAR. His/her word usually suffices. NOW if and or when it gets to court, YOU do have the right to challenge them. You can request to see his/her certification showing that they are trained to operate this radar unit. The state of Massachusetts last I knew required officers to be certified

When my friend got pulled over the officer showed him the clocker. I don't see the point though, he could have clocked somebody on the highway and then say you were going 65 on a residential street. I wonder if the clockers make a time stamp.

Depends on the laws of your state. Here in Michigan, you have the right to ask a police officer to see the "clocker" and he/she has an obligation to let you see it if you ask. If the officer refuses, you can get a citation dismissed. But not all states have this law.

however if you disagree with the ticket, then you can go to court and make him show up as well.
If he does not show, you will get your ticket dismissed,

Ga Prosecutor
Yes and no. In some states, unless the officer offers to allow you to view his radar, the radar evidence is inadmissible in court (note: this does not apply to laser technology). However, even if the radar evidence is inadmissible, you can still be convicted based on the officer's personal observations of your speed.

I had asked the question because my 19 yr old daughter got a speeding ticklet based solely on the cops word..no radar..which I think is totally wrong...the cop could say anything...I feel it is unconstitutional because they do not have to prove you were speeding...but thanks, all these answers did help much.

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