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Is it illegal to place a paper in someones mail box?
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Is it illegal to place a paper in someones mail box?

I had someone put a piece of paper asking if I wanted to partcipate in a neighborhood yard sale. All my mail was left untouched. I was just wondering if this was legal?


No it is not legal

3D Farms
Ask the post office

not illegal. why are you so concerned about this? it's a yard sale

Yes, I believe it's considered illegal. It's a federal offense and considered tampering....

I doubt your neighbors will file a police report, so I wouldn't lose any sleep over it...

Its illegal to place anything other than mail in a person's mailbox. The mailman has the right to remove any non-postal items and destroy them.

yes because it is illegal to put any thing other than mail in someone elses mailbox not in ur own

Technically, no. It is a federal offense actually. No one is to tamper with the mail boxes for any reason, other than the use of the US postal service.

However, i doubt your local court will prosecute a case like that, unless it was continued harassment or something.

it's legal. people do it all the time. why, were you going to try to prosecute them or something. i guess if the mail person can do it, anyone can, as long as their not going through it. which they're not

yes it is

technically, it is illegal..they can tape it on or around your mailbox but they cannot go into your mailbox

go UCLA bruins!
I guess it could count on city/state. I've done it before no problem. It may depend on what you're putting in there.

Not legal.

Any correspondence or advertising that hangs on or goes into a mail receptacle must have postage on it.

The carrier has the right to take that non-mail item out of the box and bring it back to the office.

The only exception are newspapers boxes that share a post with a mailbox, but the paper cannot go into the mail box itself unless it was mailed.

Please place the item under a mat or in the door

US Postal Service regulations say that only US Mail can be placed in a mailbox.

There was a stink quite a ways back where paperboys were putting newspapers in the mailboxes, and the mailmen complained thet the newspapers took up too much space, so the USPS (it was just called the Post Office back then) made it a rule that you can't do that. That's when the newspapers started issuing those plastic newspaper boxes for the paperboy to deliver to.

Bostonian In MO
It's illegal unless you place a stamp on it and cancel the stamp. Letter carriers often remove and destroy any item placed in a mailbox without postage like that.

Sorry Yes,You need to put an address on it and a stamp and mail it through the post office...


It is 100% illegal.

Yes unless it has a stamp on it

I am not certain that it is illegal now that the Postal Service is no longer a federal agency. If you own your mail box, it is private, but I am sure it is unlawful to open it without your permission.

I see many people saying that it is a federal offense to put something in someone's mailbox. Can anyone show the law that states this? I haven't found it yet.

i used to deliver papers in Wisconsin, i put news papers in some of the costumers mail boxes because they didn't have paper tubes, they never said anything to me. Plus if it is your neighbor y would u do anything about it even if it was illegal which i don't think it is unless they steal your mail or something like that

yes... no.... no yes

If you live in the USA, yes. It's illegal. A person's mailbox is the property of the US Postal Service and you've got to get permission from them to put stuff in it. They usually prefer you give them money (i.e. pay for postage) and put it in there themselves.

Yes, it is actually a federal offense. I spent some time on a jury of a crazy militia guy who held a woman and her son at gunpoint until the police came. The woman and the son put a paper in this guy's mailbox because they were looking for their lost dog!

David H
It is illegal to open and put something in the mailbox itself. I have been putting magnets on mailboxes to promote my new business. Who wouldn't want a fridge magnet? Anyhow, out of 2,000 magnets, two little old ladies called me to complain, and said it was against the law. They are wrong, since it was attached to the outside. Badda Bing.

If junk mails are legal, than it should be legal.

You cannot open anyones mailbox and put stuff in it. It's a federal offense. You can tape a note on the outside but don't open it, is what I've been taught.

Wasiah Rasheed
It is illegal to put anything directly into someone's mailbox. It is an invasion of privacy and usually you will receive a warning from the postmaster with all the rules and regulations regarding doing so in the future. Some people feel its a rude type of advertising and some disregard such literature without looking at it.

You can of course use a small amount of tape to post it on the outside of the mailbox or near the enterance of their home. I think yard sale invites are best done near roads where everyone in or passing through the area can see it.

If you open the box, you are guilty of tampering with the mail.

Tampering with a mailbox is a federal offense!

No it is not legal. Your mailbox is actually the property of the US Postal Service and they will normally remove anything like that placed in your mailbox.

My daughter put flyers in mailboxes to babysit pets with phone and address and our postal lady let us know we couldn't do that.

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