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Law Advice---Roommate opening my mail. California?
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Law Advice---Roommate opening my mail. California?

I found out that my roommate has been opening, reading and shredding my mail for at least 6 weeks. She had been saying that we haven't been getting any mail at all and she played it off like she was worried too. Well her sister told me the truth. I know her sister was telling me the truth because she told me about a particular check that I was expecting and the exact amount, and it wasn't an amount you can just guess.

I moved out the same day. I never signed a lease, so I said to hell with it.

Legally, I what can I do? Can I get her arrested? How long would she go to jail for?

I have a witness that heard her sister tell me about it.

Also, She actually admitted to taking my mail, but said she accidently took it with the junk mail to work to shred. She is a liar.

What is the legal process here. Please help!


2009-07-17 08:03:20 +0000

2009-07-17 07:54:08 +0000
call you local law enforcement agency and report what you know

2009-07-17 08:09:09 +0000
Wow, you need to tell someone regardless of the legal process. What if she got a hold of a credit card offer or something..like one of those "You've been pre-approved" things. Or a bank statement, etc. The police will deal with her, obviously there will be a court hearing to deal with this, and you'll need to provide witnesses. You didn't sign a lease so you leaving will most likely not be played against you. She broke the law, not just that but a big one. It's against Federal law to tamper with mail that is not addressed to you, and she'd most likely serve 6 months or so...of course this depends on her criminal history. By reporting her she will be seized and placed under arrest, legally you can get a lawyer and press charges against her. If you choose not to press charges then nothing will happen to her. She'll probobly be released on bail after her arrest but she'll have papers served for a court hearing for onstruction of mail. As the court goes on, depending on if she did open accounts under your name then she may have more on her plate.

She's a criminal, she broke the law, she broke your trust and took advantage of you. You deserve justice. If she is in fact proven to be guilty, then your financial rrecords will be watched (because you never know if she opened a credit card in your name etc). People who do this have a reason, and a bust in your credit can make or break you when making a large financial decision; taking a loan out for school, buying a car, buying a house.

I hope I helped.

2009-07-17 07:57:55 +0000
call the police and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law... opening mail that is not yours is a federal crime. but it starts with a call to the local law enforcement agency. Also the post office might be able to direct you on how to handle this, after all they deal with the mail.

2009-07-17 14:31:09 +0000
Contact the local Police, AND the US Postal Service Investigative service, called the Postal Inspectors. They have a lot of power, and that information will really get their attention.

Tampering with someone else's mail is a federal offence, and it can bring serious jail time, upon conviction.

Get on it today......Don't delay.

Jim b. Toronto.

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