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My neighbor's house got raided, and the cops found nothing...Can and should they sue the city?
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My neighbor's house got raided, and the cops found nothing...Can and should they sue the city?


Spaceman spiff
not if they had a warrant

IF they had a warrent I dont think they can

they can sue if the cops didnt have a warrant. if they did, they can't sue them.

The laws will vary by state but if they followed proper procedure, then probably not. There usually has to be demonstratable loss, either physically or emotionally to sue. I'm guessing, all your neighbor will get out of this is a story.

Vince M
They can sue any body and at any time. Whether they can collect is another thing. Was there a warrant? Was there enough cause to issue the warrant? Did the police do any damage during the raid?

Lots of factors. Did somone negligently give the police the wrong addrress? Did the police otherwise ignore someone's civil rights?

These may be reasons to sue. Not simply because nothing was found. The neighbors may simply have been clever at hiding something. Not finding something only means that the police could not arrest them.

If they didn't have a warrant, yes you can sue them!

Your neighbor might not be telling you the whole story. Probable cause has to be pretty compelling to get a judge to issue a search warrant.

‚ô• Kairi‚ô•
What was the damage?If it was serious than they should sue.

First of all, Anyone can sue anyone for just about anything, will they be successful ? that's another story. The raid you stated was done by the cops and they obviously had obtained a search warrant signed by a judge. That warrant had an affidavit with supporting facts to justify the warrant and reached the level of "probable cause" that whatever house contained whatever.
The chances of your neighbor being successful is next to nothing if there was a properly obtained and executed search warrant regardless of the results of the raid itself.


i wouldent


Lisa M
Only if they want more problems with the police.They will not win and have the cops after them.Good Luck!

1) there has to be warrent and have to knock first before they raid.
2)For certent things you don't need warrent for.
3)You can try to sue for repair cost.

They have to show the resident they warrent before they can enter unless resident allows them.

Also depends on reason what they raided for. like if they got a anoymus tip that there is a bomb inside that house or soemthing.

Raided for what?

If there's someone in that house on probation or parole, they don't even need a warrant.

you can sue anybody for any reason anytime.

Cher Chez (Hip Hop Stan)
if they know a good lawyer and if anything got damaged. did they have a warrant? think about those things.

First you don't sue the city, you sue the police. Now, if they had a warrant, no they cannot sue. But, if they have been harassed by frequent police visits, then the raid, that may, I said MAY be cause for a harassment suit.

Sure, if you want them to come back & find something on their next try! Wake the fu*k up!

I can't imagine your neighbors are that innocent. Perhaps you should get to know them a little bit more before defending them. Maybe they have a bad son who's into trouble. I don't think the cops just throw darts at a map and decide to raid the one it lands on!

Could the cops have sued them if they did find something?

Yes of course
Tony Soprano
Bugsy Seagal
Tony Montanna

Depends on the situation. If they had probable cause and your neighbors agreed that they can search then no. If they had a warrant then no. But if it was a unlaw search and seizure then yes. So talk to a lawyer, but I always heard that if you sue the police department they will harass you. But you can sue for that too :)

you Americans!

I would, because why are they raiding my house. They had "reasonable cause"? That's BS. Cops are always trying sh!t like that with me, like pulling me over and asking to search my trunk. No way!

yeah but they may not win
x x x

Tammy O
Was it the city that raided their house? If not, there is absolutely no reason you should sue the city. The police were doing their job, and if they found nothing they could use as evidence, there is nothing further they can do, other than watch out for anything that may have been stolen.

No.....for what?? Looking?? If they had probable cause then they had a right to look. Quit trying to cover up for your druggie neighbors...JP

That depends Did they have warrant , Probable cause. Is their something going on over their and they got lucky and not caught
If the latter is true they need to count their blessings and keep a low profile or they will be back and next time they won't be so lucky. On the other hand was the warrant meant for a different house and the address got mixed up like they went to 2314 instead of 3214 Why? if they got the wrong house then you bet they could sue. You need more information to make that decision.

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