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My punk neighbors have been parking everywhere! How many cars can each house have parked on a street?
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My punk neighbors have been parking everywhere! How many cars can each house have parked on a street?

Heres the story.... There is about 10 punk adults and 4 small kids living in a 2 bedroom home next door to my apartment, they are always outside drinking and playing that stupid rap music outside 24-7, they like to throw their garbage and beer bottles on my porch and in front of my porch in the grass, they even had the balls to sit on my porch and drink at 3 am so my husband calls the cops and they tried to lie and say they lived in my house!! Besides their childish lifestyle they park in about 5 parking spots on the street. I need to know what the law is about the parking so that I can serve the little punks. I figure if they have no place to park they might stop half the crap! I live in Covington KY, I tried to look it up and cant find anything,
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2008-10-18 05:14:21 +0000
check the codes on vehicle abandonment for your area. my area will only allow a vehicle to be parked in the same place for 3 days at a time on a public street. if reported they will come and chalk the tires and if the car hasn't moved at least a foot in 24 hours they will tow it. Also keep track of the tags on the car if they are not keeping their vehicle registration up to date the police will ticket and tow that car as well. One last slightly under handed thing you can do that I have done before, if you have sprinklers in the front yard by the street replace the half sprinkler by the street with a full circle sprinkler and it will spray the grass and the car parked in front of your house. they will get tired dof the water spots ans getting wet when they try to get in the car and start parking somewhere else down the street.

2008-10-16 04:52:59 +0000
I can see where you are coming from. I have the neighbors from hell too. They are probably related to your demon spawn neighbors. Not much you can do about parking on the street...public street, public parking. You can try to sink to their level and be loud and annoying, but they would probably ask to party at your place. Throw their garbage back in their yard and play some Mozart 24/7 outside.

2008-10-16 04:50:59 +0000
City streets are are public property and anyone can park as many cars as they want. And you seem and sound like the one with the punk attitude.

2008-10-16 09:02:14 +0000
First, try to move. It might be easier. If that isn't really an option, I would take the issue up with your City Council. It's going to take a lot of hard work and time, but eventually you could get the area parking by permit only, or get them evicted for violations of various housing laws. The chances of anyone on Yahoo Answers giving you the end-all-be-all answer to this question are slim to none, you're going to have to research your cities municipal code and find a way to curb the behavior.

2008-10-16 04:45:28 +0000
They can park as many cars on the street as they want to, it's a "public" street. If there was a lot of broken glass out in the street they might not want to park there anymore.

2008-10-16 04:58:08 +0000
the key thing is to find out if they are renting or buying! land lords have to abide by a different code than the owners that live there. and the same goes for you if you are renting then you can complain to the owner and begin to save up and move. The other thing is to see if there is a homeowners association.and you can go to city hall and see what the city ordinance has to say. skip the online stuff when it comes to things like that. Take pictures, write down name, times of incidents. of things going on. And also the same of the city hall because if ti gets to bad then there is the city council With doing that you can get on your own nerves but it is better than the headache.

2008-10-16 04:44:20 +0000
I have the same problem on my street, not with the same type of characters you portrayed, however there are a large number of people living in the house next store. Unfortunately, I don't think there is any limit to how many cars can be parked on the street from each house hold. This is something that simply has to be worked out between you and your neighbor. It gets incredibly annoying to have to walk groceries blocks to our house because the whole street of parking is being taken up by one house of people on our block. The only thing I can suggest is trying to talk to your neighbors in an uncondisending way and express how you are willing to work with them, about there loudness, etc... but you expect them to give you some room to park. Goodluck!

In reference to the idiot comment posted here.....City streets are public property and anyone can park as many cars as they want. And you seem and sound like the one with the punk attitude. To the person with the parking problem really wanted a resolution to this problem but then you have this person that probably doesn't even a car, house, or life posts HIS PUNK remark, to bad the world has people like him in it, he is probably one of the bums living at the loud music house, well just hope he spends his food stamps this month on is pipe and they may throw him out and he won't be able to put his nonsense remarks here, as I'm sure he owns no PC either. I'd guess his last completed grade was 9th grade lol

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