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Question, what does the sign "No engine brake...by city ordinance" mean on the highway?
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Question, what does the sign "No engine brake...by city ordinance" mean on the highway?

I don't know if that's the exact wording of the sign, but it says something like that on the signs on an area of the highway I drive on when going home. I've always wondered what that meant.....anyone else have a clue?


They don't want the semi-trailers using their jake brakes because they're so loud & disturbing.

California Street Cop
Its for the big rigs.

Mr. Know It All
Large trucks 'upshift' to help slow themselves down . This causes their engines to rev up which makes noise that people find offensive.

Dean C
Big Trucks have an engine brake. It is a device when turned on and the accelerator is released, a certain number of cylinders are turned off to reduce power of the engine and slow it down, thus an engine brake. This is designed to help save on the friction braking system and keep them from getting to hot and burning up. The engine brake is restricted in urban areas because it is loud. Every been sitting at an exit ramp from an interstate and heard the exhaust of a truck sound off....? That is the engine brake.

That was a great question. I have a sign like that about 1 mile from my house. I always wondered what that meant .> thanks>

Many large trucks (dumptrucks and the like) have an engine brake that can slow the truck down without wearing on the regular brakes. When the brake (usually called a jake brake) is engaged, it's pretty noisy. You'll typically see those signs in residential areas.

it means truckers arent allowed to use their jake breaks (engine retarders) because people get offeded by the loud noise they make....noise pollution....

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