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Should people be punished as strongly for crimes against animals as they are for crimes against people?
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Should people be punished as strongly for crimes against animals as they are for crimes against people?

please explain why you think they should/shouldnt :)


2009-09-16 11:43:05 +0000
i say i think they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law a poor animal is thinking you really love it when its being abused same with a human a childs love is unconditional they think thats a way of life so i think they should get a servere and just punishment

2009-09-16 10:10:29 +0000
So, you should serve the same sentence in jail for killing my dog as you would for killing my grand daughter?? That pretty much diminishes the value of my grand daughter.

The punishment for manslaughter (causing a death through recklessness) is about 10 years in prison in some states. Do you really think it is appropriate for you to go to prison for 10 years because you ran over my dog with your car?

the punishments for Domestic Violence (beating your wife and kids) are quiet harsh. Do you really think you should go to prison because you whacked the dog with the newspaper when he peed on the carpet?

Burglarizing a house can get you 5 to 10 years in prison in some states, do you really think that if you sneak into my back yard and steal my dog's bone, you should go to prison for 5 to 10 years?

Trying to put an animal on the same level as a human is just a little far fetched.

2009-09-16 09:53:48 +0000

As heinous a crime as harming an innocent animal might be, it simply cannot compare to similar acts against human life. Animals are wonderful creatures, but they aren't people. Treating them like people in any respect is just silly.

2009-09-16 09:56:57 +0000
Depends. If they just kill it for no reason, no. Because it is just an animal. But if they torture, starve, beat, etc, etc, then they should get the same treatment.

I hunt, but I would never torture or let an animal die slowly.

2009-09-16 09:52:51 +0000
i think they shouldn't but they still need a strong punishment

2009-09-16 13:00:39 +0000
We just had a similar discussion over in the dog section last night. Someone posted a question about whether people thought children and dogs were equal.
I was floored to see so many who felt that a child's life is equal to a dog's life.
Don't get me wrong, I am very much a dog person. My dogs are one of the most important things in my life (I do not have children). In fact, I like my dogs more than I like most people I meet. But a dog's life is not more valuable as a human's life. They are not equal.
Cruetly to animals is a heinous crime and deserves a stiff punishment. The same sentence as if it were against a human, no.
Punishment must fit society's view on the crime. The loss of a human life has much more effect and effects more people than the loss of a dog's life. Families can be torn apart by tragic deaths of humans, not so with a dog.
To think you could spend as much time in jail for hitting a dog with your car as you would if it were a person is just not reasonable.
I love my dogs, and God help the person who harms them. But it is not the same.
All life is valuable and should be respected.
(I say dogs but the same applies to any animal).

2009-09-16 09:58:58 +0000
It would be hard to gain acceptance for the idea of equal punishment. Should someone get 10 years for stepping on an ant? If not, then why? because ants are small, numerous and low in intelligence?

I do think that when an animal is subjected to a malicious act of torture or neglect then the penalties should be harsh, possibly even on an equal level with murder committed against a human. Perhaps the law would have to factor in the capacity and awareness level of a creature's brain when considering punishment. It is very messy territory, legally speaking.

2009-09-16 09:55:09 +0000
Tough one. If we say yes, then where do we draw the line? We kill animals all the time and eat them. But if someone would senselessly kill my dog, it would be really hard for me to control myself and not repay the favor, since I know that the law wouldn't see it as the senseless murder of a member of my family.
For pets yes, farm animals no.

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