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Smacking A Child In The Mouth Is This Child Abuse?
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Smacking A Child In The Mouth Is This Child Abuse?

This is the situation;
I have two boys that live with their mother, mothers boyfriend (Randy) and younger brother in the state of Pennsylvania. One of my sons 13 teen and the other is 14 teen.
They have told me Randy hit them in the recent past.
I reported it to Child Protective Services and they went to their home and did an investigation and found no sign of abuse or neglect.
Child Protective Services also made everyone in the house hold sign an agreement that basically says no one is to place their hands on anyone in the house.

To make a long story short.
My son was not listing to Randy he told him to Shut Up. Randy said come and say it to his face. Being like a child he did go and said Shut up to Randy's face. So randy smacked him in the mouth.

Any suggestions?


Shaggy 2 Dope
Hitting anyone is wrong and yes that is child abuse. The message you send to a child when you hit or spank them is that you can make someone change their behavior if you strike them. So they will strike others.

Straight is Great!
I do not agree anyone should be hit in the mouth. The first step is to teach your son not to provoke someone that is bigger, stronger and older then him (there could be consequences).

His safety should come first. Kids are so mouthy now days I am surprised more are not hurt. You need to talk to your son and see who is provoking who and what started the confrontation.

Punch Randy in the mouth, then break a knee cap, say if he ever touches your son again he's gonna be in a nicely padded cell, 6 feet deep.

My suggestion would be that you don't ask the same question three times; it's boring. If you are old enough to father two teenage boys then you are old enough to decide what to do yourself. How about taking your parental responsibilities genuinely seriously and having your kids live with you?

Have him call the police when it happens its Battery. He can be arrested if the Officer sees evidence.Blood redness, swelling etc.

Natasha B(blocked by cowards)
Take your son to CPS and let him tell them his story.

My suggestion is to ask Randy why he feels it necessary to slap your child.
Don't rush to any judgments before you hear both side of the story, as difficult as it truly may be because I do understand your desire to protect your children. I know that kids in such situations might like to provoke the boyfriend, and there is at least a chance that the kids are deliberately pushing the buttons in an attempt to make him snap.
I will say that if anyone pushes buttons, regardless of age, there should be consequences. Just don't rush to a judgment yet.

I suggest that the smack in the mouth seemed appropriate and needs to be administered a lot more often.

if there was no blood , no bruises or no real physical harm then it is not considered child abuse in the eyes of the law. sorry

darth maul
Smacking a child is considered child abuse, but the child brought it on himself. Smacking a child in the mouth is a reasonable punishment I believe. My father used to smack me in the mouth when I talked back, and it taught me not to talk back. It was a successful punishment, and I think my dad did the right thing by trying to teach me a lesson. Hope this helps!

John C
you mean besides teaching son some manners?
take him to CPS in person and make him tell the same story. It will help you find out if he is lying to you or CPS.

I would tell my children that if Randy hits you again...........for them to call CPS..............why not.............it is illegal for him to do that. Or have them call the police, and if the police can see visible signs - they will take Randy - - - bye-bye...............

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