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What are the legal consequences for using anothers car tags?
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What are the legal consequences for using anothers car tags?

What would the consequences be for both the driver of the car, if stopped, and for the person who owns the tags?


Well you would get cited for driving an unlicensed vehicle. Probably cited for no insurance on the vehicle. Possibly arrested for driving with stolen plates.

So you could face some stiff fines and some rather life style stifling jail time. The vehicle would probably be impounded as well.

charge with stolen tags on ur car

fine and possible 3 -5 years jail time

This is basically fraud. And it would appear that the car that is using the "borrowed" tags would be stolen.

I would assume the driver of the car and the person who own the tags would be under investigation to determine whether they were aware that the tags were incorrect.

I would think if you were pulled over they would be considered stolen tags. You could get a fine and lose driving license privileges

Car is impounded. You get a ticket or jail depending on the state

It is illegal to use another cars number plates.....as well as
registrations, they will not match the vehicle, and they may
think that you have stolen it, it is also illegal to drive without
number plates and registration............................…

Lisa S
It depends on the state you live in.

I used to work in MN at a criminal defense law firm. This was a very common charge. In MN they were charged with "attempt to evade tax" and sometimes theft.

The person who owns the tags, if they file a police report that they were stolen, won't be charged with anything. If they gave the tags for someone or knew that someone else was using them can also be charged.

In NC you can be charged with Displaying a Fictitious Tag, and if the car belongs to you and isn't registered with DMV, you can be charged with Failure to Register a Motor Vehicle. Good luck.

tags are associated with the registration of a particular car and person. if you're caught driving with stolen tags, you can be arrested, taken to court, serve jail time and/or pay a fine. Your car will be taken to the local impound lot and it costs big $$ to get it out. If someone loans you their tags, they can also be fined and may possibly serve jail time.

get yourself some temporary tags from MVA.

The car can/will be impounded, the tags can/will be impounded. The driver can/will be arrested. and if the tag owner is knowledgeable about someone else using the tags, they can loose the tags and be fined.

BIG NO NO! don't do it or risk it!

Many things can happen. You can get a ticket, you can go to jail in either case the vehicle can be impounded. You can be charged with improperly registered vehicle or theft. You could be sent walking......Personally I'd write as many tickets as I could and look for other stuff. But that's just me.

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