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What do I say to the repoman?
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What do I say to the repoman?

The people whose house I am watching are not going to give the car back until the finanice company gets a court order, and I need to be able to go in and out of the house when he knocks on the door without him holding up my schedule ya know? What do I say and what should the car holders say when they confort him without him being able to use it to find a legal loophole and call the police to get them to help him, etc? The car's in a garage

I don't havd any time for immature answers, please don't bother. :)
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I don't understand how 60 year old retired people who just got 600 dollars a month cut on their disability and need a way of sending their son to school are deadbeats.
just my opinion.


They can't legally break into the garage. Go on about your business. If they do break in, call the cops.

C Man
If the vehicle is in the locked garage he has no legal right to remove it. If you are not the vehicle's owner you are not obligated to assist him in any way. If he won't leave you alone, call the sheriff, who will make him leave.

I repo'd for Ford and Chrysler for many years.... they count on you not knowing the law... tell him to leave you alone or call the sheriff

Call the cops when the repoman shows up, let them sort it out. DO NOT get into an altercation with the repo people.

the damn dead beat should have paid the damn car payment. hate to bust your not so correct answwer bubble c man but the repo man has every damn right to get the car. so call the police and when they arrive the police will order you to open the damn garage door. so hows this answer.

Scott H
I dont know what state you are in, but in the State of Illinois, a vehicle cannot be repossessed on private property without consent of the property owner. Good Luck.

If the car is in a locked garage than they really cannot get to it with committing a crime by breaking into the garage. You can always tell them to leave, and if they do not they are trespassing.

However, it would make everyone's life a lot simpler if the deadbeats either paid their late bills or gave back the car.

Just tell them that (i) you are not the home owner or lessee (but are house-sitting), (ii) you are prohibited from allowing anyone else access to the property, and (iii) if they do not leave the property (assuming they are actually on the property & not just on the street) you will call the police.

Go ahead and show them your ID if they get "testy."

And, if they get "testy" and try to enter the property, just call 911 and let the police sort it out.

How about, "I'm housesitting and they will be back in two(?) weeks." While you're at it, tell your friends to pick up the phone, clean up their dirty laundry and stop relying on others to run interference for them.

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