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What documents must i always have in my car?
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What documents must i always have in my car?

Im new to driving and in case the police stop me..what documents do i need to have in my car at all times?


jed slade
insurance cert. mot. valid tax disc.

Photocopies of your car registration, original driver's license, official receipt of annual registration and insurance.

nature lover
You will want to have your proof of insurance and your registration. You will want to have your drivers license too.

Insurance papers
MOT/NCT (In Ireland) Certificate
Road Tax certificate
Your driving licence

rose m
in the uk non
if you are asked to produce them you have al limited amount of time to take them to the bearest police station
its always best to knot your insurance just incase you have a bump though

As most other answerer's have commented; You do not need to carry any documents.

It is an offence not to produce them to a police officer, however the police do not expect you to carry them and therefore they can issue you a gen 164 to produce these documents within 7 days.

The police however have access to the Motor Insurance Bureau database, and therefore can check whether the vehicle is insured or not. It is not always up to date though. WE can also access the DVLA database and ascertain what type of licence you hold. MOT and tax can be obtained from a PNC check of your vehicle.

Therefore it is safer for you not to carry them, and definitely don't leave them in your vehicle.

Ian UK
Technically none, although its an offence to not produce them when asked by an officer for your Insurance certificate, driving licence (photo card and counterpart) & MOT certificate. (You should also obviously have tax as well).

However, most people, including me, don't carry them. It is an offence to not produce them when required but this is catered for by the form HOR/T1 (a producer) which requires you to produce you documents at a Police Station 7 days from midnight on the day the requirement is made by an officer. They are however also now listed on the Police National Computer (PNC) so you often won't need to produce them as a check of the computer is usually made at the roadside when you are stopped. I only get people to produce documents when it appears there's a discrepancy.

The law states a driver must be able to produce immeadiately upon the request of a constable his driving licence, proof of insurance and mot certficate . However no proceedings will be taken if the documents are produced at a police station within 7 days. Therefore technically you should carry them all however you won't be in trouble if you don't so long as you can take them to a police station within 7 days.
Its also another offence not to display a valid tax disc so make sure thats in the bottom left handside of the windscreen!

in the UK you need to display your tax and MOT if applicable. I wouldn't carry documents except my licence occasionally......it's to much hassle if you lose them or if your car stolen with your documents in it. You can always produce them later at a police station.

What i find strange as regards carrying documents,is that you are given a 7 day to produce ticket,and yet all things are on there computor there and then.Your insurance company has to put it on record,the road tax has to put it on record,the mot station has to put it on record,and the same with your driving licence Is there much more than that,so if your pulled,its for a different reason than identity of documents.

The simple and short answer is none. Unless you include the tax disc, which only has to be displayed when you're on a road (to answer your question).

On a strict technicality, you're required to have your driving licence, insurance certificate, MOT, and (I think) registration document on you. But the law recognises that no-one ever does (for security reasons as well as practical), and you won't be prosecuted for not having them - *if* you produce them at a police station of your choosing within five (or is it seven?) days.

S Csparky
none i don't if you get stopped you will
be given a note saying to produce withing
7 days the documents they want at a police

Mr Abba
None only the tax disc, its wise to keep the others if you want. Me personaly, i dont. If you ever have to show them to the police you can go to the police station and show them later on.

If you're in the uk just your tax disc.

You get seven days to produce any other documents when requested (by the police etc)

Why risk leaving them in your car on the off chance that someone breaks into it and nicks them?

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White elephants are an exception, as they are seen as Government policy, not as animals, and as we all know, you can get an amazing load of old shitty Government policy into the smallest of places.

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in the UK, do not carry documents with you, always say you will take them to a police station to be verified, it is safer than leaving them in the car, and to show your documents can be construed as an admission of guilt,

None.It is not against the law to not carry your car documents.I was stopped by the police once and was wrongly informed that i should be carrying all my documents.This was a lie as i checked it out with my solicitor and the local police station.You have 7 day's to produce your documents at the station should you be requested to do so.Carrying all your documents poses a risk to you should your car be stolen or broken into and i would strongly advise against doing so.As long as you have a valid Tax disc clearly on show you are within legal requirements.Sometimes the police just try it on.It is sensible however to carry details of your insurance policy...ref number and contact details etc incase you have an accident and need to give details to the other driver.Remember to get theirs also should the unfortunate happen.If they don't have them always,always take down their registration number and telehone number and address.so you can pass this info onto your insurance company.Happy driving.

If you dont have any of your documents on you and you are stopped by the police it does not matter. If they have reason to want to check your documents they will issue you with a form called a producer. You take your documents to your local police station along with the producer and they will sign you off or charge you as necessary.

I NEVER carry any of my documents with me chuck.

Keep the following document in your car at all times, Motor Insurance Certificate. This gives full details of your motor insurance cover plus contact details etc.

You are not obliged in UK to carry any documents in your car, however, it is a good policy because if you are ever stopped by the fuzz for any reason while driving, they will ask you to produce certain documents at a police station near to where you live. These will include insurance and driving license at least.

Always a good policy to carry your drivers license too.

Remember, if you have a prang first thing to do is get out of your car and begin by taking measurements with a tape measure you always carry in your car. Also get photographs of the incident location.

You are only ever required in English law to give your name and address but it is always good manners to simply give the other driver your insurance details.

Remember, the argument is not between you and the driver of the other vehicle, it's between your respective insurance companies.

Any problems, threats of violence etc. phone the fuzz dial 999.

Experienced driver since 1960.

depends on what country you are in.

In the UK...none except your tax disc..however it is wise to have your driving licence on you too

In the UK you only need a tax disc in the car, keeping the rest in your car is dangerous because if it gets stolen they will have ID for you, your address etc. If the police stop you and have any doubts about your legality then they will issue a producer (which means you'll have to go and produce your documents in the police station within 7 days), the DVLA and insurance companies all have databases that the police can check immediately anyway.

If you really do want to carry them then you should have your driving licence, mot and insurance certificate as well as a valid tax disc but I wouldn't recommend ever leaving them in the car!

Road Tax Disc.

You should carry all relevant documents really BUT you have a get out in the case of what is called a producer - police will issue you with a notice to produce documents within 7 days - known as a HORTI

If you leave ANY or ALL your documents in your car and it gets stolen - you will be giving the thieves ALL they need to get away with your identity.

Yo it's Me
If you are in the U.S., your driver's license, the car registration and your proof of insurance. The last one is very important, the fine for not having it is probably bigger than the fine for not having the first two.

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