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What does a human body decomposing smell like?
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What does a human body decomposing smell like?

I watch too many shows like CSI and crime shows. Now I am just plain curious. Supposedly it's horrendous. How would you describe the smell? And how long does it take for it to smell? Disgusting question, I know.


Alex Blackman
It smells a lot like the Obama economic plan.

Diplomacy & Tact Matters
Burned rubber.

Not sure but i've head burning human flesh smells like raw bacon in the microwave. (KEEP AN EYE ON THE MICROWAVE IF YOU TRY THIS)

a little fricking sarcasm
This is one of those questions you should never ask a police officer in real life. . .

I never wish to know.

Worst smell I've EVER smelled? A rotting whale corpse. Human bodies can't be much different.

quilt 4 life
my husband is an officer and has been to several unattended death calls where the people have been dead for days and sometimes weeks. just let me tell you he comes home and i smell it. it permeates his clothes, skin, and hair. lets just say it's not something u want to smell.

not sure how long it takes, but I think it happens fast like within the first couple days. Death smells like death. A dead deer or any other large animal or even a dog smells the same as a person.

It is something along the lines off rotting lamb meat for the first few days, once putrefaction quickens it becomes far worse, and like others said it will permeate into almost anything including your skin, but you do get used to it if your around it often enough.

sharon s
I can't describe the smell but, when my neighbor died across the street from me. He had been died for two days and it was winter. His wife was in Fla for a conference and call me to see if he would open the door. She had been call home. I went over and no answer I called the police and they talked to her. I gave them the keys and they went over. He was dead and the police kept coming out of the house with their eye filled up from water (tears) due to the smell. It was bad.

Hellcat Daykin N. Nim
I don't even know how to describe it, but when you smell it you know exactly what it is. There's an instant gag reflex. If you've ever smelled any other dead, decaying animal, then you know. I'm not sure how long it takes to start smelling, but it's not too long - days, not hours though. But I would think part of that would depend upon how long it's taken the body to start to decay - temperature factors and whatnot.

And it is horrendous. That doesn't even cover how bad it is.

Da Joker
Rotten flesh.... just like rotten meat. If you wanna actually try it, just leave the meat out for a few hours and witness as it rots.

Clip of or bite off a piece of finger nail and drop it in a cigarette lighter. You will then get a small idea of the smell of decomposed flesh. My older brother was found in his home dead and had been dead for five to six days.

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