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What happen if you miss jail time..like you suppose to go, but didn't go..will that person get a warrant?
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What happen if you miss jail time..like you suppose to go, but didn't go..will that person get a warrant?


dumb S H I T

Anthony A

Yes, a warrant will be issued immediately after you don't show up. And you could get additional charges and time

They just don't let you live in solace and peace.
If they don't come to your house, they will lay in wait.
Meaning, they will wait till you are stopped for a simple tail light, stop sign or even if you are riding with someone else and the vehicle is stopped they will ask for all passengers ID.

You don't really have to be in a car. Something else out of the ordinary may happen, anything. Don't try to lie about your ID either. They will get you for lying to an officer.

If your sentences was for a short period of time. Get the monkey off your back. Go seek legal advice or legal aid. This makes you look a little better. They won't slam you down on the concrete or accidentally shoot you.
Now if you are running from 6yrs to life. A little vacation before they nab you I can understand. Getting your affairs in order, right? Sick mother, father, little brother needed medical care etc.

In fact I advocate absounding for a short period of time. Jail is not nice. The food is horrible. You're put in a room with people that have low hygiene skills, talk loud and fart.
They will of course add on more time to your sentencing.
Also the Feds give you 72 hours to show up. It may be the same time for any other jurisdiction? I don't know.

Good luck and advice....sleep a lot if you can. and Read.

yes they will issue a warrant for your arrest.. and you'll have additional charges

sure as shootin.

There will be a warrant for your arrest. They may or may not try to find you. Most of the time, they just wait for you to get a speeding ticket. At that time, the cop will run your license for warrants and then arrest you. So you want to be very careful to not get in any trouble at all. Avoid even minor BS. The other alternative is to turn yourself in and deal with the problem so you don't have it hanging over your head. Right now, you can't get a great job, find a special girl, or plan on getting married because one day it will get ruined by your arrest.

yes you would get a warrant for your arrest and they will add charges and they could add time to what you already had.

I believe there would be a warrant out for the arrest of whoever skipped jail.

Not if you're a democrat.

yes, for example if you were to leave basic training (AWOL) a warrant would be put out for your arrest. If for something like that you get arrested imagine actually having to serve time and avoiding it..you will probably get a worse sentence

they will start looking for ya

Da Pizza Man
as soon as you don't show for a court date, or something court ordered, there will be a warrant

If you have been sentenced to jail and given a date to report, and you fail to show up on that date, a warrant will issue for your arrest.

You really should consider other options. One possibility is having your attorney file a motion to postpone your reporting date in which he or she explains the emergency. The Court may give you some extra time so that you can take care of your emergency.

If you don't have counsel, but are on pre-trial release, you might talk to to your pre-trial release officer and see if he or she can assist you in requesting a delay. If that fails, you might try contacting the court clerk and explaining the situation, and then ask if there is any way you can get the matter set before the judge prior to the start of your sentence so you can ask for a short delay to take care of the emergency.

Again, ignoring the reporting date is the worst choice you can make.
not taken care of.

Yes the State will probably file for a warrant and mark you as a fugitive. missing jail time is very very serious! The state can bring this back up to the judge and you will get some real time.

Sorry kid, your screwed.

Dog Chapman is comin after your @$$. Run.

In answer to your question, yes, If your in the US, a warrant can be immediatly issued for your arrest, which can be filled by anytype of police service, not just local, as well as bounty hunters.
In Canada, police come knocking on your door eventually.

Yep, you will have a warrant for your arrest. And probably fines. Depends on the severity of the issue

u no u wanna
duh !! yes!!!

Gary D
Yes, he'll get a bench warrant issued by a judge for the failure to appear for jail time as well as a warrant for contempt of court.

C'mon THE ANSWERER!!! Nobody cares what you have to say. I guess it's easy when your faceless huh? Not everyone knows EVERYTHING like you. Let me guess?? Republican? They all want blood, the chair, penalties, but preach forgiveness.

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