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What happens if I smoke weed before I ever meet my parole officer and have weed in my system from weeks ago?
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What happens if I smoke weed before I ever meet my parole officer and have weed in my system from weeks ago?

I was arrested for simple marijuana possession and have a court date coming up oct 6 and im pretty sure I will be given probation and community service, I smoked the day after i got out of jail and was wondering what will happen if they find weed in my piss weeks later


2010-09-21 16:44:49 +0000
weed stays in your system up to 35 days, drink lots of water before you test.

2010-09-21 16:42:06 +0000
probably lose probation

2010-09-22 05:38:46 +0000
Dude first you need to stop smokin. Next you need to get to your local smoke shop and get a permanent cleanse it will take about seven days you should have time so stop smoking NOW. I'll let you in on a little secret if you fail a drug test while on probation you go to JAIL. Get that cleanse and stop smokin for the duration of your probation and stay out of JAIL it's that simple. Oh and ill let you in on another little secret JAIL isn't somewhere you want to go ppl get raped in jail.

2010-09-21 16:44:58 +0000
I ran the urine program on my last 3 ships, I caught guys after 6 weeks sometimes, but not always.

2010-09-21 23:08:01 +0000
youll probably get drug counseling or locked up again you should take a pill that cleans your system

2010-09-21 16:41:46 +0000
Sometimes if probation is violated it's mandatory jail again.

2010-09-21 16:44:11 +0000
They know that a drug may be present from weeks earlier. You won't be able to use that excuse again though as weed doesn't last months in your blood or urine - only your hair and hair tests are too expensive.

Scroll down to the chart:


All the recommendations of clearing THC from your fat cells is bogus ie they don't work including drinking gallons of water.

2010-09-21 16:44:04 +0000
thc is fat soluble. i suggest you take flax seed oil capsules (1x a day), fish oil capsules (3x a day) as both are huge fat burners (refrigerate them as they will oxidize if not) take a multivitamin. Stop drinking soda eat lightly and start a good diet and only drink green tea, peppermint tea (you can find this at wal*mart), and water or juice, preferably cranberyy juice. work out a lot.

good luck and stay clean.

2010-09-21 16:42:48 +0000
If they find traces of marijuana in your system, chances are your punishment will be tougher. Clearly you've not learnt your lesson for being arrested for having it the first time.

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