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What happens if you go through a toll without paying?
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What happens if you go through a toll without paying?

What happens if you go through a highway toll booth without paying? (I am primarily interested in PA) I know you probably get a ticket, but how much are these usually for? What happens if you don't pay the ticket? Is it any different if you go through an EZPass lane without paying?

Additional references would be appreciated!
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EDIT: Thank you for all the answers concerning what happens if you run a toll. While I agree with your advice to pay a fine, does anyone have specific knowledge/experience with what happens if you choose not to pay a fine? (remember mainly interested in PA law)


ticket in the mail.

y dont u read the sign. it tells u.

Probably not much. I've seen it. No cruiser will chase you for a buck...

Egoistic Joker!
I heard that they can get your license plate number and send you a bill for the amount owed, Sometimes a cop can come after you and give you a citation for it and than not only do you have to pay the toll but also a fine. Why would you do that anyway? Pay up like we all do.

Joshua M
Im sorry i cant help with this question bt could you message me? You know alot about law and I have a situation I could use your advice in my situation please.

That same day SWAT will come to your house, and get the 75c out of you.

No, they will send you a fine for like $130 in the great state of NJ that's how we do it. Do it's better to pay 75c.

If you don't have money go to the lane where you talk to a person at the booth and tell them, they will let you go.

They will send you a ticket for about 25 dollars. However , in NJ, ON the turnpike, if you go through a toll without paying, they will charge you the entire parkway price which is like $129.00. Its crazy. Just don't do it. Either pay a dollar or pay $25? Which is better

i'm an expert in toll boothes..i went to senoir week in maryland from central PA...got drunk and drove home...ran 4 tolls...in delaware they mail you 25$ tickets i got 2 there, not a problem...but i ran 2 in PA and DAMN they charged me 25$ for them and a state trooper mailed me a ticket for 158$ i was like wtf...my mom practically disowned me lol

I went through an Illinois toll booth without paying a couple of years ago. It was an accident, I was in the EZ PASS lane (didn't have one of course, and no one would let me over into the other lanes). I told the person at the next toll booth what happened and she gave me the number of the toll booth I ran and an address to send the toll to. I sent the money and nothing more happened.

they do eventually fine you for not paying tolls, my dad did that and a year later got a $62.00 fine in the mail. We have been at toll booths before and people do not put their money in and one time we were at this toll booth coming into Illinois and some guys on motorcycles were sitting there holding up traffic picking up the change!!!! wonder if they got tickets for not paying the toll and for the money they stole!

If you don't pay a ticket in Texas , they can and will boot one of the wheels of your vehicle. Pennsylvania has cameras and can track down that license plate easily.

Marc X
Back in 1982, I was driving on the New Jersey Turnpike and had to go through an automated toll booth. The cost was 15ΒΆ. For change, all I had was a dime, and there was no attendant. So I threw in the dime and went through, with bells ringing. Nobody pursued me. But a month later I got a notice in my mail that I still owed 5ΒΆ and if I didn't pay, I'd face prosecution. It seemed pretty funny to me that the stamp alone cost more than what they were demanding, and I'd surely be curious about WHAT jury would convict me for 5ΒΆ. So, even though I ignored it, nothing ever came of it.

Fast forward 15 years. I'm watching the news in Texas where people have driven on the tollways without paying and have actually racked up thousands of dollars in non-payment AND fees plus penalties. And they're STILL out there driving. Drivers are still able to get their licenses and registrations renewed anyway, which is why it made the news when the TV reporter discovered it.

They say that a law is very hard to enforce if at least 85% of the public doesn't already willingly comply with it. So even though I probably could get away with it, it's just not worth the risk to find out I was wrong.

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