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What happens if your on probation and go out of town?
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What happens if your on probation and go out of town?

Do the airlines check to see if your on probation? We live in Md and want to go to Florida for 2 days. How would the airlines find out your on probation?


They wouldn't . If you are on probation all you need to do is contact your probation officer and let him know and you should be good to go. I wouldn't go unless you inform your probation officer because that is a violation of your probation then you could get a warrant put out on you for that. Im not sure if that would pop up on you during travel time or not.

Depends on the stipulations of your probation. You would have to petition the court for a temporary stay to allow you to travel if a serious probation.

Good grief where do some of these answers come from. Your PO will not find out unless some rats you out or he comes for a visit. But do not take that chance just call and ask permission. The airlines or the TSA do not give a rats a$$.

The airlines would probably be required by state/federal law to check your background with the MD State Police(and maybe the County Police and your Probation Agents), but in most cases whether strictly surpervised or any other type of probation, you(and your family) would probably be BANNED from leaving Maryland(or even your county) as part of your probation agreement...

The probation order would also apply to the WMATA "Metro" system(and DC MetroBus) and all airports(BWIA, Reagan National), plus the Union Staions in Baltimore and Washington...

Everything has to go through the main TSA computers in nearby Glen Burnie...heck, even the FDLE database will share you info with the TSA and MD State Police computers---they have to, there's no other option!)

Let the probation period finish out, then you can probably get to go to Florida...

Monty's right!

Don't even risk taking a trip to Florida without the TSA, MD State Police, the FDLE(FL Dept.of Law Enforcement), or the County Police knowing about it(even if your PO gives his OK)...

You and your family WILL probably be detained wherever your departure point is...and then held w/out bail for violation of probation, regardless of what the PIO said...


Then you go to jail but u only go to jail if you get caught keep that in mind but my friend asa got caught and he had to go to jail for a year so it depends on a lot of different things but in the end its your choice and no ones else!!!

The airlines do not check for probation folks. I would check with my probation officer to get clearance for this trip if I were you. Your two days in Florida could cost you the remaining time left on your probation in a jail somewhere. I would not advise you to go without checking with your probation officer...period..........Enjoy your trip and not have to be looking over your shoulder at every cop you see wondering if he/she is coming after you.

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Well when you are put on probation the first rule of probation is DO NOT VIOLATE ANY CRIMINAL STATUTE OF ANY JURISDICTION. I think that the second is DO NO LEAVE THE STATE WITH OUT PERMISSION FROM THE COURT.
If you are caught out of the state then you are looking at having your probation violated. Say your probation officer decideds to do a home visit and your not there...your busted.
Say you get pulled over in Florida...your busted.
You can ask your probation officer if you can go. It really shouldn't be a problem. I would ask permission though. I would want to go and be at ease about getting in trouble. I would hate being there and worried that I will be in trouble when i return home. Be safe and get permission.

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