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What happens when you get caught shoplifting?
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What happens when you get caught shoplifting?

Don't judge! Save it for church. I got caught shoplifting at Meijer and they found the half empty razor box and they took me to that room and asked me when the razor was. I said I didn't have it and they were like just give it to us. And I told they that I dropped them. They just asked me for my ID and took a copy for it and they let me go. Why didn't they arrest me or something? Not that I wanted to get arrested but why didn't they? oh and why did they get a copy of my ID?


Shelvie Collier
Well they dont have proof that you really did anything. They really cant do anything unless you have the stuff on you. as far as your id goes they prob. did that so when you come in again they can keep a close eye on you

Cause you didn't have them on your person. They took a copy of your ID to remember you by.

They are going to come to your house, grab you, throw you to the ground, rape you. Then they ganna tie you to a cinder block and throw you in a lake.

j girl
they took your information in case they ever see you in the store again.. did they not tell you that you couldn't come back? most places, if the theft was something small, will just take it back and tell the "thief" that they can't come back to that store.

They probably filed (or will file) a police report but are not pressing charges.

Uh they will probably bill you for the razors. they will send it in the mail and you will probably get a court date with maybe a felony charge.

James Kaeles
my dad beat the sht out of me while shoppers watched in horror

They didn't arrest you because they probably examined you and saw that you didn't have the razor on you. And they probably took a copy of ur ID so that if they catch you stealing again, you will either go to jail or prison depending how costly the thing it is you stole.

Probably because there was nothing in it but they asked for your ID so you cannot steal it again or they sent it to the police so if you steal again you will definatly be arrested

[[~*A Lilly Among Thorns*~]]
Well because you didn't get away with it and you were a first time offender (At least I hope you were and you won't do it again.) they let you go with a warning, and if you get caught again they'll most likely press charges and you will be suspended from that store for at least a year.. that's what Wal-Mart does.

They probably trying to scare you.

Don't shoplift..

They didn't follow all the "steps" Lp "must" follow to make a shoplifting stop! The "screwed up" they knew it. If you had the items you would have been processed but you didn't. I do suspect though you will get a letter in mail called Civil Demand. This is a "civil fine" and amount depends on the state and value of item stolen. If you need answers without judgment or sarcasm there is a forum site (below) you can ask at

Chelsea L
thye prolly didnt do it bc they had no real for sure proof. n they prolly copied it to make sure to keep an eye on u next time u came in.

If you didnt exit the store with the razor, then they actually made a non pruductive detainment. You didnt exit the last point of payment without attempting to render payment if you ditched the box and razors inside of the store. If you did exit the store with them and ditched them outside of the store then they made a good detainment.

They probably didn't arrest you because 1 of 2 scenarious happened:

#1 - You ditched the razors inside of the store therefore they could not retain you due to retailer policy. They took your name for future reference if you happen to get caught again and probably to send as a BOLO (Be on the lookout) to other retailers.

#2 - You ditched the razors outside and they made a good detainment, however due to the low price of razor blades and it being a misdeamenor it wasnt worth their time to prosecute, they just wrote up and inncident report. Or the retailer has a minium amount that the teft can be before prosecution takes place.

You didnt really go into enough detail for a full explanation, but you get the jist of it.

1) if they caught you with real goods in hand you can be handed to the police and have a record.
2) they take down your ID because they have caught you on camera and have not caught you with the goods, so they take down an ID to make you a blacklist

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