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What happens when you miss your court date?
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What happens when you miss your court date?

I got a ticket in april of '07, court date was on june 20th, I missed it due to a death in the family. Im only a minor, and I got a ticket for, loud music/driving passengers on a provisional license/ no proof of insurance(but I got that taken care of). So what will happen to me now that im only a minor?


Secret troll U hate
You're OK just call the court and tell them what happened.
Don't listen to all the nonsense everyone else is telling you, Just call and explain they only want your money but if you put it off you can lose your license until you pay the fines which can add up.

1,000s of hours in law libraries

Man, your goin to tha slammer for sure.


you go to jail...you miss the party....lol

Amy S
The fact that you're "only a minor" means absolutely nothing. You were issued a court date, to appear before a judge, to answer for your actions. When you failed to appear, the Court likely issued a bench warrant. If you get stopped by police for any reason before you take care of this problem, they can arrest you and hold you in jail until you get a court appearance.

Here's what you do. Call the county courthouse, juvenile division, and ask to be placed on calendar as soon as possible. Depending on the size of the county you're in, you'll either be placed on a calendar that date or will be given a date to "return on the warrant." At that point, the Court will deal with your traffic ticket.

Micro M
u get ur *** filled in jail. now worry bout being pregnant

u prolly got a warrent!

King Of Battle

well they may strip you of your license. and because you were a no show to your court date they will put out a warrant for your arrest best thing you can do is call them up and let them know and they will probably tell you to turn yourself in. which they might let you off with a warning but if you get pulled over they will hall you to jail because of the warrant because you missed your court date. and the best thing you can do is find out how much it costs for you to bail yourself out and turn yourself in and turn around and bail yourself out. then you can talk to the judge about all that and see if he or she can't get that taken care of or maybe an officer of some sort although if they will let you off then you will probably have to come up with some proof of death such as a death certificate. but it beats more fines and jail time.

Paul H
Depending on law in different states, they'll most likely issue you a warrant for your arrest unless you go to the courthouse clerk to get it cleared up. However, I'm not really sure they'd arrest you for loud music but the law is the law.

call to see if they issued a warrant. you better go to the court as soon as possible & get it cleared up. better to go in, than to get pulled over or nabbed at work or school. It could get pretty embarrassing & cause more problems if you get arrested when you least expect it. Plus if there is a warrant, and you get arrested you'll stay in jail until the next day court is open to go before the judge (which could be over the weekend, not pleasant!) Also don't drive because I bet your driver's licence has been suspended.

failure to appear.....its a whole new misdemeanor charge and youll get a fine

Not much, you'll just get a warrant for your arrest..

You are considered in contempt of court, and most likely, there is a warrant out for your arrest.

They probably issued a "bench warrant" for your arrest. This does not mean they will come arrest you but it does mean that if a cop comes across you and runs your license, you will get arrested. So what you do is this, call the court and speak to one of the clerks. Let him/her know what happened and why you missed. Ask them for the protocol for scheduling a new court date. They may require you to post bail. This will probably be the equivalent of the fines for your tickets. Again - you will NOT be arrested, you just need to go pay the bail then if you are found not guilty, you'll get that money back.

Don't ask how I know ;-)

you'll more than likely get in trouble...they usually issue a warrant if you don't show up at court...

Shayna Douchebag
A warrant will be issued for your arrest and you will lose your license... if you already haven't.
And a hefty fine, and probably traffic school and maybe even community service.

In addition, the failure to appear is ANOTHER charge on top of the original.

It doesn't matter if you are a minor or not.
It was a driving violation.

Oh well....

R0lex 7
The Court will issued a Bench warrants for your arrest either in criminal or civil court proceedings.

The Court would like for you to clear up this matter S.a.p!

I would go down to Court house and ask to be rescheduled for a new Court date, and show up this time.

thomas j
got to let them know eventually they get a warrant they check out your story may reschedule and ya get off easy.if not youll be punished some how ive been there

Mildred S
you must call the clerk and get the disposition of your ticket numbers . they will tell you if the judge just gave you a break and extended your court date or if the judge issued a bench warrant for your arrest. if arrest you need to go to court immed and they will file a paper to quash the bench warrant. hold the paper with you at all times for a few months in case you are stopped. make sure you appear at your next court date. bring an atty if needed. good luck.

dog the bounty hunter is gonna get you.

Get ready for the slammer!! Str8 to federal prison little boy!! Just kidding! Now they will suspend your license and eventually put a bench warrant for your arrest. So call the court house and pay the ticket. In some cases they might allow you to re schedule the date just let them know what happened with your family. Good luck.

John G
Look on your ticket (if you still have it). There are two types of traffic tickets police generally issue; they are either for civil or criminal violations. On your ticket the policeman will have checked either 'civil' or 'criminal'. A civil violation is generally for minor traffic offenses such as running a red light, failure to yield - etc. A criminal violation is for more serious offenses such as a DUI, driving with a suspended license - etc. More than likely your ticket is a civil violation. With a civil violation ticket, if you don't show up for court, they will issue a default judgement against you, and will suspend your license if you don't pay it. They won't issue a warrant for your arrest for these type of tickets. If the policeman did check criminal rather than civil, they will issue a warrant for your arrest if you don't show up for court.

Contact the courts and explain the situation. It is in your best interest to pay the fines and get this resolved as soon as possible. After you pay your ticket, contact the DMV and see what steps you need to take to get your license back (if applicable). You don't want to get pulled over with a suspended license.... that will get you in a lot of trouble!

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