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What is the most elite law enforcement agency in the USA? How many officers does it have?
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What is the most elite law enforcement agency in the USA? How many officers does it have?

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I'll give you a hint- it only has 134 Officers


Actually, I must admit Las Vegas Metro is the best police agency I know. (I must admit I may be biased.) However, I previously worked for a large east coast police department and have worked withofficers from several jursidictions. Las Vegas has the strictest hiring standards, progressive training programs, and proactive law enforcement strategies. I'm constantly impressed by the organization and how it responds to crime.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police has approximately 3500 commissioned officers and about 2500 civilian employees. And yes, we're hiring.

Also, it's difficult to compare state and local police with federal agencies like the FBI or Secret Service. Federal agents have a different mission.

probably the DEA...they do crazy stuff!!

Agent Orange
Definetley the Eagle Scouts

Jim Bob
The Secret Service,

the numbers are unknown.

Kenneth C
Very open ended question. There are many big and small departments with lots of good officers. A small suburban department may pay very well and attract the best of the best. So while they may only have 30 members, they all might be highly intelligent and well trained. Opposed to a bigger department that may be good overall, but have a number of idiots.

I like the people saying Secret Service. I've dealt with the presidental protection detail twice in my career and the financial crime division once. They haven't impressed me. Not saying they are bad at their job, but going the federal route, I think the DEA and FBI recruit and train much better cops. BTW, their numbers are not unknown, they have around 4500 agents in all divisions.

If I had to pick one agency in the US that has really wowed me with the professionalism of their officers, their hiring standards, their training and is well known, I'd have to say Las Vegas Metro.

Define "elite". I don't believe they give out any awards for such a thing. They do however have competitions for areas of things like marksmanship and things of that nature. Just because you when though that doesn't mean that your the best it just means that your the best of the teams that entered the competition because not every department in the nation obviously enters this.

I will guess that it's the Secret Service. As far as numbers, my guess would be "enough".

Las Vegas Metro is pretty hot.

Will The Typical White Person
Well it cant be the FBI, they keep getting armored SUV's, laptops and guns stolen from them right under their noses

Matt P
Not sure of your definition of "elite", but as far as capabilities go, it is NYPD, hands down. They NYPD has detectives following investigations in other countries. There are very few departments with global reach. They also have one of the best equipped and hard charging ESU (emergency services unit) in the country. Their sheer numbers are remarkable to. At one point they had swollen up to 50,000 officers, but today it sits somewhere around 39,000. They also police some of the deadliest housing projects in the country. I saw a lot of answers that mentioned the Secret Service, and let me just say this, Secret Service officers are highly trained officers, who are extremely good at what they do, but lets face it, if I'm going on patrol in some housing projects in Harlem, I'm taking a seasoned NYPD officer over ANY Federal Agent.

The bottom line here is that if you want to compare just local law enforcement there are really only two powerhouse departments in this country. New York or Los Angeles.

7.62 MM
Texas Rangers my fine Lady.

very interesting unit

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