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What jobs are there that do not require a background check?
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What jobs are there that do not require a background check?

Can one with a 'checkered' past ever get a decent job? I have a friend in this bind. Besides selling on ebay, what sort of job will he ever be able to get? Serious answers, please. I think they do background checks for everything nowadays.


dope smuggler...dope dealer...those are a couple that dont need a background check...

i know someone in this situation....but most places do background checks, he may have to work under the table, or do fast food, warehouse or construction

cUtIe PiE♥♥♥ i LoVe PrEsToN!♥
a lawer

jeb black
Working for Bush.


Why doesn't he just fess up that I have a criminal record but here is what I have done to straighten my life out (hopefully he has done that!!!) and here is why I will make a good employee. Is there anyway you could hire me on a probationary period for 6 months to see how I perform?


@ mcdonalds!

alex l
all most any factory job is a no check .
all lower paying jobs are pretty much no check
i have been checked about 20 times but i drive a truck now and before that was in a position of trust and control over and with people .
other then that no criminal checks ever.
just don't tell . its that simple . be good and don't break the law again and no one will ever know and don't get a tattoo. hey run for president is a great job for a criminal i think you have to be a criminal to even run for the job do that.


Micky D's or any other fast food.

McDonalds is normally hiring

With the invent of the Internet just about everyone dose back ground checks.. He might want to go for something with a minimal wage to start with and work his way into a better job.. once he has a work history for a few months people might give a chance to show his worth...

Tai M
Most restaurants don't. They ask but they never check.

Sonic, McDonalds, BK are all hiring. Great way to show you changed and want to work.

Every employers now seems to run background checks on their prospective employees, even those fast food places.

Looking for the REAL answer!
My Job doesn't do background checks and alot of small companies don't either, with the correct resume a person with a record could get almost any kind of job with small private company.If not you can grow weed, any kind of drug distribution would work,

Civilian jobs have certain laws they have to go by regarding background checks. Most employers can only go back 7 years into someone's history, and will only be able to find out what the convictions were, not specifics. If your friend does not want someone to know, then just tell him/her not to mention it. Sometimes they do not do thorough enough checks and might get by. If you are talking about a law enforcement job, then that is a different story....But most physical labor jobs will hire you if you do not have a problem with drugs, or have a serious felony conviction.

Paul K
Usually a job that doesn't require being around important people(ex. CEO's, Presidents of companies, etc.).

Sometimes an independent businessman will take a chance on someone... but as far as corporations? That's a toughie. Usually construction jobs are pretty easy to get hired on to.

Trevor Zen
it all depends on what you mean by chechered past. if you dont have a felony on you record and you dont have anything relating to drugs or children you should be ok. but when they tell you they're gonna do a background check be honest and tell them what they will see.

i had a couple of OWI's (drunk driving) arrest from the mid nineties and i got a job working with kids. so someone with a checkered past can get a decent job.

Nothing decent- unless he wants to bag groceries in the local supermarket. I think if he fesses up to having something may not be so bad, but if he hides it and the potential employer finds it out (and there is a good chance he/she will) then he can forget about a job.

There are many jobs that don't require a background check. Jobs to avoid...police officer, school employee, bank employee, truck driver, cashier, hotel employee, service employee that puts you in people's homes, government employee. The higher the responsibility the more likely you will have a background check I've only ever applied for one job that did background check and I've had many jobs so I know it is possible.

Most employers do, however check references and your friend may or may not have a problem in that area but he has better control of which references they check.

Start your own company, why do you think i work for my self

Don't even listen to all of these stupid answers! There are many reputable, large companies that work with the courts to provide past felons an opportunity to have a decent job. Tell your friend to contact a probation office to see if they can give them a listing of these companies. Also, many day labor temp agencies employ ex-felons as well. All hope is NOT lost and your friend can have a decent life after a checkered past. There are thousands of folks out there who have done it. It may not be easy, but it is do-able. Good luck to your friend.

Depends on what they did wrong.

I know of felons that own their own companies. He hires other felons cause he knows how hard it is to do anything when you do go 'straight'.

Munya Says: DUH!
small, family owned businesses.....landscape companies....that's all I can think of...

convenient store clerk
pizza delivery
fast food
unless you know someone who knows him really well and then they can bond them and hire him

President of the United States of America

Honsetly speaking, we have a trash service, a local one, and I never do back ground checks for our drivers or helpers. Only a DMV record for the drivers. They make good money too. If you go to a large corporation, they'll check, but a local one probably won't.

Certain jobs have certain requirements.....usually, it is up to the employer...and not mandated by law. Certainly, the more sensitive the job (i.e. handling money, child care, etc.) the more likely.

If he ever wants a real job, he will need to just be honest and hope that someone will cut him some slack. Some companies won't hire him at all, depending on what he did that is.

Have him research the companies he wants, see what their policies are regarding background investigations and if he is an eloquent enough essayist he may be able to get the job.

Whats some corporations or companies by name specifically, I would love to know a few.

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