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What percentage of Americans will likely refuse to be microchipped?
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What percentage of Americans will likely refuse to be microchipped?

Will those who disobey the mandate be imprisoned, slaughtered or merely used for medical experimentation?


10% or less 1%ers, others may have future plans of disobedience but bide thier time, my guess is imprisoned forced labor, possible experimentation . for the mandate period. the 1%ers won't hang around to find out, they'll go underground mostly maybe a few make a bold stand public trial but most just run.

first parents will chip kids to track them, then you have a group of youg people all chipped, keep it up. and in 20 yrs 30 yrs you have mainstream society.

what type of entity could wait that long?

billy brite
Just the guilty.

I hate to tell you, but your dentist already placed a chip in you.

Approximately 78%.

They will be imprisoned.

I'd rather be barcoded.. that'd look more hip.
Just kidding.. I, of course, have no idea what you're talking about.


I would and probably about 99.9% of all Americans would ....but criminals and people like that might be the guinea pigs

Now you are talking about the rise of another Hitler regime.

Chuck G
I would say the greater majority (70-80 %) will refuse to be chipped. I think most people find the idea of having a microchip implanted in your body to be disturbing to say the least. To those with deeply held religious views, being chipped is the equivalent of accepting the mark of the beast. To others, the idea of being tracked by the government is a gross infringement on their right to be left alone. I think that the government knows this and, thus, will not push (strongly) for Americans to be implanted. Instead, the government will try to work these chips into our everyday lives in a more subtle manner.

In fact, they are already doing exactly that. Under the Real ID act, all newly issued drivers' licenses will have RFID chips attached to them. The State Department has been issuing RFID tagged passports for the last several months. Also, there are plans to attach these chips to everything from the products you buy in stores (to make checking out quicker and easier) to the money you use to pay for those products (it is supposed to make counterfeiting more difficult).

As to the part of the question concerning what will happen to those who disobey, no, they will not be used for experiments, imprisoned, or slaughtered. The government will simply render them non-citizens by making it impossible for anyone without a chip to purchase goods or services, vote, get medical care, be employed, or otherwise carry on with most of the daily activities that we now take for granted.

i think it would be about 100%.

people may say they support the idea, but when it comes to getting yourself microchipped and tracked, you'll object.

if a law is enacted, i believe the penalty will be jail.

In a country where freedom is everything.. I do not see this happening.. hell I have a problem with micro chipping my dogs.. let alone a person.. then again.. maybe not such a bad idea for the 17 yr old..<w>

all the Christians will refuse because the bible says to not take the sign of the beast

No, but they can't cash checks, have a bank account, drive or get anything from the government.

I don't know who intends to "microchip" us, but I would certainly resist. I'm not being tracked by anyone, especially the Federal Government.

100% I hope
I hope you are first to tell the rest of us.

A very small percentage and I'll tell you why. They wont just mandate it. This is what will happen:

They will stop talking about it for a long time. Then there will be either another orchestrated inside job attack on our soil like 9/11 or they will advertise a country or a faction to be a real bad enemy of the US with many spies in this country that are threatening our freedom and way or life. They will probably even blow up 10 to 100 places at random all over the country and arrest a few hundred people for spying and espionage and publicize the heck out of it. There will be lots of changes in the DefCon status and of course the danger levels everyday just like before.

Once the average citizen is scared enough and it's shown in the media everyday the government will start pitching the idea that all freedom loving patriotic Americans must be chipped to help our national security and defeat the "evil doers" that are out to destroy us and our way of life. They will also say:

1- It's safe so you wont have anything to worry about.

2- It will save live by letting us know ahead of time if there are any patriotic citizens in our line of fire.

3- You must be working with the enemy if you don't want to be chipped because a patriotic American will have nothing to hide.

4- It's a small price to pay to keep our freedom and our way of life.

Guess what? The majority will just run to chipping centers out of fear and/or false sense of patriotism and they will line us up like the cattle that we are and chip us while using the already in place laws to target, place under surveillance, arrest, brand as traitors and/or spies, and imprison or execute any voice of opposition.

Does the implementation of the Patriot Act ring a bell?

How about the Guantanamo Bay and the eastern European CIA prisons?

Or the 800 FEMA locations right here and hidden in plain site?

Anyway, this is just my opinion and I hope I'm tripping and I'm proven to be wrong and a lunatic. :-)

gene willis
first it will be you'r choice. then they will say it's for you'r own safty.and after all that and the population that is left not wanting to be chiped,it will become law.and those who refuse lose everything they own. and if you still refuse,you will become the enemy of the country.this will be one of the tribulations.remember,we came into this world naked.thats how we will leave it.

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