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What percentage of Police Officers would you guess were former school bullies?
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What percentage of Police Officers would you guess were former school bullies?

theres always that notion that most cops like the power over being able to help others, especially in a city, so what about it?


85% and all are HOMO's!~!

Cami lives
I would say at least 1/3 as some lik to still hit and beat especially with those lead filled gloves and that big bat-ton.I have seen police beat people a few times ; and they were trying to really hurt them' and not just a scare tactic,,Some are really kind and there to really help people in trouble,,,,,

100% of them. Majority of police are ignorant bullies. They were given certain powers over citizens in order to protect citizens, but instead those bullies abuse thier power. Have you seen video on "you tube" when those ugly bullies taser an innocent student in the university of Florida when student was picefully asking question of senator Kerry. This is unbelievable what police do in the US. They are acting way worse than Gestapo (German secret police during WW II). Police brutality is a crime against citizens. Those ugly bullies must be fired from their jobs and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I see them as the "bullied" they lost their lunch money and now they are taking it out on people for revenge. Check out the amount of spousal abuse is generated by cops.

some of them seem to have a power, and control issues

I would estimate anywhere between 10-15%.

I say 75%

Well... this question poses an interesting question. Considering other anonymous internet warriors think officers were the ones who were "beat up" in high school, it appears the extremes lead to people becoming officers.

In reality, it is the two extremes who cause all of the commotion and crime in the world as they look for a way to give meaning to their pathetic existence. It is the ones who attended class, did their work, and graduated that become officers. All the other became their clients.

I would guess it would be about the same percentage as dog-catchers, plumbers, firefighters, forest rangers, TV stars, etc..

you make a blanket statement but did not offer up a single example of what you were saying.there was no prrof or even examples .that is very typical of people who watch too much tv and have no idea what they are talking about.---retired texas deputy sheriff---

I'm gonna have an identity crisis, was I a bully at school or was I bullied?

Folks, it's real simple we want to help and protect our communites. I served my four years in the army, protecting my country from external enemies and now I'm protecting my community from those within who prey upon the weak...

Steven C
The same amount that are in your profession.

I dont think police bullies necessarily were bullied themselves at school and find this a stupid example, what I think is that the role of a police officer does attract some psychopath's and control freaks who do get a kick out of bullying people, but their victims tend to be the weak and vulnerable and not well built, these police officers are very dangerous people as some of their victims could go on to committing suicide because of the treatment they have received, these particular officers should be hounded out of the force's as they are themselves mentally ill and dangerous. Good, sane and intelligent men and woman police officers are able to have self control and have no interest in bullying whatsoever and would want to protect vulnerable people and catch proper criminals.

I used to work with cops so I know they're not all bullies but the ones that are are in a league of their own. I know for a fact these idiots enjoy belittling people who are in need, especially when you're most vulnerable. I've reported two such bullies as last night while I called them to investigate my daughter's friend being abused by her father, we were treated like we had inconvenienced them. Before the interview even started, one cop told me I could be arrested for kidnapping the girl. This was the weirdest night of my life!

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