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What to do if the police refuse to investigate a crime ?
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What to do if the police refuse to investigate a crime ?

Suppose I report a crime to the police and give them a reasonable line of enquiry and they refuse to investigate apparently because they can't be bothered; is there anything I can do to get them to investigate.
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By the time I write to any official the person would have gotten away


marcus VI
This just about sounds right if this is a U.K. police related question ! Even Jack Straw said that they couldn't be bothered to leave their warm police stations. Therefore us ordinary folk haven't a cat in hells chance !

Bribe them with free pastries and coffee.

Covering up some crimes has gotten some cops indicted by the U.S. Justice Department for federal crimes of corruption.

i dont think police would just say they couldnt be bothered investigating a crime get more evidence and provide them with your info

edward s
Police are not bothered in the UK about crime unless it falls into the current system that is in line with statistical investigations to improve their standings with the statistics.
All the police do these days is issue a crime number in order to file it. So burglerary, theft, assault, car crime. Will all go undetected unless its crime of the day.

write to your congressman or senator. or play the race card if you can...j/k

Aberdeen Tyke
The police do leave their warm offices. Only the other day i saw 2 Volvo V70 traffic cars parked up on the A90 near Aberdeen with 4 officers in them eating pizza and laughing. Obviously the engines were running to keep the heaters operative.

well if you feel it is a serious crime that needs investigating...complain to the Police Ombudsman....they will decide if your complaint is warranted.


had that happen to me, had my bike stolen, found it in front of the university library minus a pannier and a couple other things, cops wouldn't check the library to see if the thief was there.

The police don't refuse to investigate because they can't be bothered. There are many reasons they might not investigate a certain incident, but 'not being bothered' is not one of them. Sorry.

This is an EXCELLENT question!!! I sincerely hope someone can help you with this!!!

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