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What to do when police don't help after multiple break ins?
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What to do when police don't help after multiple break ins?

I have a friend who lives in Indiana. She was dating a guy who was the son of a police officer in her town. Now they are broken up and this guy keeps breaking into her house. He breaks in and takes her personal items and leaves them around the neighborhood and on her car. He super glues the locks to her apt several times a week. I also broke into her car and urinated in it. She makes police reports everything this happens, but they do nothing to help. They didn't dust for finger prints or take a sample the or urine for DNA testing!!! She even called the police when she saw him driving around her house. Their response was well by the time we get there he will be gone. !!!??? They told her they can't do anything until they catch him doing it, so she set up a camera connected to her VCR and he broke in and stole the tape!! The police told her they would set up a camera for her but have not to date. How does she get help, the cops won't help because this guy is a cop's son?
Additional Details
He knows when she is not home and breaks in while she is away.

Alarm system won't help because the cop's don't want to catch another cop's son.

So my question is who can help if cops don't?


I think your friend should probably just give in and start going out with him again.

Not only would her stuff stop getting stolen, but she would probably get lots of new presents stolen from other people's houses!

let them have a talk. ask him what's wrong and tell him to stop doing those things because it's annoying and also immmature! if they have a problem, they have to talk and deal with it because like you said, HE"S A SON OF A COP!

Bad Santa
get a gun

ALARM SYSTEM - cops can be useless!

We had a stretch of break-ins a few years ago - 30 homes in 18 months (we were hit too). The cops did nothing. They finally caught them and one was an illegal alien! It should never have taken to long to catch these creeps - one person was home when they broke-in to her home!

About this same time our mailbox was blown up. When the cops came, they were totally unaware of the break-ins and why we were extra upset about the mailbox!

Oceanside's finest? BS!

Get a big guard dog that is trained to go after intruders. Put in a hidden camera. Report this behavior to internal affairs. Also, she could document what has happened to her and go to the local media. They would probably love the story.

alarm system

My alarm system includes my Shepard, my Rotty, and of course my 9mm.

Get copies of all the Police reports first off. Then get your camera set up again this time be more realistic and place it in a hidden area. Restraining orders work well and if these options run out you can always call the local NEWS. Media loves to take on the police. Trust me.

Yep, of course because it's a cops son he feels like he can get away with this kind of crap. help her take it to the big bosses. and get both your families help. because thats just ridiculous. i swear if i ever had police men do that to me, ooohhhhhh i would be very MAD! i hope you can get them all fired! and the boy in jail!!!!

She should talk to an attorney and sue the ex for the damages, cleaning bills, locksmith, stalking, etc. She should talk to the District Attorney or lead officer of the precinct. She should call the police and file a police report EVERY time he does something. EVERY TIME. When something new happens, she should have copies of the previous police reports to show the new officers. This is what they need before they act. They will not do a DNA test because it is not "CSI As Seen On TV" and because so far, the crimes are petty (even though they are scary).

She should get an intimidating dog. If he harms the dog or her, they will take him to jail immediately. She should tell the police when he drives by that she expects a domestic abuse situation to occur so they MUST show up. She should also move and change all her information.

Tell her to check out a few stalking books from the library for further tips.

Fedup Veteran
If the cops don't help then go to their supervisors...if they don't do anything go to the city council.

She needs to find someone to help her, and FAST because it sounds like the next thing this guy will do is hurt her and she will be found in a ditch somewhere! Get a restraining order put on the guy and make sure that he follows it...if he doesn't, get him for harassment.

Tell her to also contact the victims advocate in the area, and possibly "Safe place" They should be able to help her in the right direction. Cops by law can't ignore either of these things because stuff like this guy is doing is just a step away from hurting people. He is messed up in the head if he has this much time to stalk this girl.

Good luck!

tell her to setup a camera that sends the video over the internet and have a friends computer record the video for her - then when he breaks in a tries to steal the tape there won't be anything to steal - then have her take that tape to the police - AND post it on a website - that'll get him some unwanted attention - if the police still don't do anything - then it's time to write the state police or perhaps the governor

Good alarm system and exercising her rights afforded by the 2nd amendment.

you can file a complaint against the police department and contact the chief of police. Let them know that she has made multiply police reports but hasnt gotten an action. Also file a restraining order against him so that next time he does come around you can call the police, say he is voilating his restraining order and get him arrested. If police do not respond they get in trouble and they can be sued.

David B
If the problem is will a town/city police department I would call the county sheriff and let them know the issues and get their insight. Often the County has more power to monitor and investigate. If that is no aid you may need to either call the state police for their input or call the local states attorney office. Either way, when this happens you need to talk to those who have higher policing powers, and often that would end up being the state as they can investigate such an abuse.

FYI - fingerprints and dna are often not taken in my experience where there is no physical harm and no grand theft involved. (Grand theft being a theft of a certain amount per that states laws - often over $1,000.) They rationalize this in that these are very expensive processes to use for minor or everyday criminal activities and it would over burden the government.

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