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Who do you complain to if you are upset by how a County Sheriff's department is handling a case?
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Who do you complain to if you are upset by how a County Sheriff's department is handling a case?

Who oversees a county sheriff's department? Who is their boss?


all law enforcement agencies are licensed by the state, so contact the state dept of justice.

the state,or call the FBI,they will check it out.

When the King County Ombudsman's Office was created in 1968, it was one of the first in the nation to respond to citizen complaints about government services.

It investigates everything from ethics violations to sheriff's department complaints, but former King County ombudsman Duncan Fowler said it is ill-equipped to properly look into law-enforcement abuse.

The office has too few investigators, and no one with a background in law enforcement, said Fowler, former vice president of the U.S. Ombudsman Association who is now a consultant in Minnesota.

Current ombudsman Amy Calderwood said her office could benefit from having an investigator with law enforcement experience, but she defended its work.

"If a citizen calls with a complaint, their complaint is taken seriously and investigated fully -- whether that fulfills what some people want, maybe not," she said.

But the office isn't a place of first recourse for those who want to make complaints about the Sheriff's Office. With few exceptions, ombudsman investigators handle citizen complaints only after the Sheriff's Office has completed its own investigations.

The ombudsman's office reviews about 10 percent of all sheriff's internal investigations, and critics say that means no independent body monitors how the agency handles the remaining cases.

Calderwood says her office has increased the number of investigations of the agency since she took over in 2002.From 1993 to 2002, the ombudsman's office conducted 60 investigations related to the Sheriff's Office, according to a review of cases over a 10-year period. Four of those investigations were supported, 13 resolved and 38 unsupported.

From 2003 to last August, it handled 23 investigations and found all but one to be unsupported.

"We make our determination based on a preponderance of the evidence," Calderwood said. "You can't take disciplinary action unless there's clear and convincing evidence." A determination that the complaint was unsupported "doesn't mean that it didn't happen."

heres a link: hope this helped..

Try The County commissioner's leader which is usually called the county executive. should settle claims. Most counties also have constables who can help in certain situations.

prosecuting attorney .... then state police

The County Commishioners are the ones who oversees the County Sheriff's Department. Have you tried to talk with the Sheriff ?? or the Chief Deputy ??

The Attorney General of your state should be willing to look into any issues you might have with the sheriff.

In our area, the County Judge, and County Commissioners. Whatever would be the equivalent in your area, I suppose.

Contact your Local County Judge in case of any camplaints against Sheriff's Department.

If you feel the case is being mis-handled by the local sheriff, then contact your county prosecutor and have him/her find out what's going on. Odds are judges won't get involved at the discovery stage, it is not their job. Your Prosecutor, may be up for election next week, maybe put a call into him would move the police's butt.

Also, have you gone to the local newspapers and tried to get them to write a story. Publicity always moves elected & appointed officials butts.

If that doesn't work, you can call/write letters to your state police and if a federal matter, the FBI.

Just remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

The County Commission oversees the Sheriff's Department. It's a tough job to go against law enforcement because they protect each other, don't admit mistakes or ever apologize. It just goes with the territory. If you're entering the struggle, be sure to document your complaints.

internal affairs

State Attorney General.

Mugsy's Place
If you have complained to the sheriff and feel you have not gotten any help, the next person would be the county prosecutor. In the state that I worked the county prosecutor was the highest law enforcement person in the county. Good luck

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