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Who is over the warden of a prison in Louisiana?
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Who is over the warden of a prison in Louisiana?

A friend of mine has a brother who did something stupid and ended up in prison. Anyway the family is having trouble with the warden. Who do they go to to complain about him?


the city attorney for the county the jail is in.

The governor.

nick s
states attorney office ,
but you better have some proof !!

Hello Jerome. I will respectfully disagree with the above poster. Yes, you can address an issue with the Governor of the state, but that is NOT the direct superior of a warden in a Louisiana prison.

The Department is called the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections. The Director of the department ( and the direct superior of the Warden) is Mr Michael Moore ( Director - Prison Enterprises) at 225-342-6633.

Address your issues to his office.

Best of luck and I hope this is useful to you

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