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Why do Police officers act so aggressive against you?
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Why do Police officers act so aggressive against you?

Recently i was accused of assault in a club and an officer shorter and weaker then me came along with his buddies and used very very aggressive tones and was very physical when dealing with me.

Without asking me he said put your hands to the side and very very aggressively started to question me e.g what were you doing, did you hit anyone...

Me being streetwise exercised my right to silence and said nothing, nada, zip, zilch.. He then arrested me and said "i will drag you out of the club" I was not being aggressive or hostile, I totally obeyed their instructions except that i chose to remain silent (which is my right). He was being aggressive unnecessarily even swearing. Pushing shoving me in the van. I even said im not being hostile, why are you doing this?

In the end it ended in no further action by the CPS and they let me out in the morning. But whats with the aggression?

I mean i'm pretty tall and built stocky and can handle my own if needed to. I've done boxing and karate even for a few years. Im not violent at all. I dont have no conviction, caution or nothing and am studying for Engineering in Software

What if i challenged the police officer when i left the station and said to him, "when you're off duty how abouts we meet each other one on one in the alley and sort this out one on one, Joe Public?"

Because i could have very very easily wiped the floor with him and also his other police friends he bought as back up

I mean why do officers do that in hostile ways? I was innocent i was pushed shoved, the handcuffs left small cuts on my wrists. why?

Do you think police officers used to get bullied by the bigger kids in school? because i think so?

What do you think they do this because one on one in the street people would bust their teeths if they used that language and were physical with them. Does wearing a uniform give them a licence to behave like this?


First off, don't be so arrogant because you will end up with your face on the floor and a mouth full of blood. I don't agree with the police officer in acting that way, but challenging a police officer is not a smart thing to do at all. Sometimes police officers are *******, I agree and it is their fault for acting that way.

It was smart that you didn't challenge or engage the officers because you don't know their past as they do not know yours. How do you know that one of them wasn't a black belt master in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? I have 3 black belts in muay thai and 2 black belts in brazilian jiu jitsu, but you would never know it because I don't act arrogant as you do.

If an officer is stupid or an ******, then take it up with the judge or the police department, but never challenge them because you won't win.

Thomas Nast
I don't know how it is in the UK, but in the US this isn't the case personally....one time I was caught going nearly 70mph in a 55 zone, and the guy let me off with a warning after we joked for a few minutes.

Jimmy Whispers V
Even if i was a pansy punk i would act tough if i had a gun and a badge.

One He had his buddies with him. Two many of them can only be trained to react in a situation.

It's so they can be taken seriously,
and that people don't think that they're 'easy'.

They're out to make the streets safe, so if they thought someone was causing trouble, they are going to have negative attitude towards them so the person knows that the situation is serious.

Although not all police officers are like this, many are.
It's their job.

& Even if you're the strongest human alive, they're still gonna be aggressive. They have weapons on them & they could always contact other police officers for support. When they're off-duty, that's another thing, but I wouldn't beat up a police officer if I was you, on-duty or off-duty. ;)

Because they are power hungry, they have guns, and the law behind them and they feel that they can get away with anything, wich is for the most part, unfortunately true.

Well police officers are made up like a slice of society, you get good ones and a**** holes in life -same with the police force,
Someday someone will poke him on the nose for his attitude, I work for the police and I can assure you we dislike the a**** as much as you do.

I have never ever had that sort of experience.(I suspect that your own conduct (non co-operation refusing to answer exercising rights etc) aroused his suspicions. From the terms of your question I think you are a bit of a smart alec. You are lucky he did not drag you back in and charge you with threatening behaviour and if you argued with resisting arrest. He could well have done so because threatening to sort out policeman when he is out of uniform is a very silly thing to do.

Blue Haired Old Lady
They want to get their bluff in early - they want you to think they are bigger, stronger,etc. than you are.

Some have control issues and really enjoy pushing people around.

He's aggressive because he wants to intimidate you. The police aren't here to p*ss about after all but to get a job done. Interestingly, you haven't denied that you committed the assault.

report them to the police complaint commission (ipcc) in holborn, this is due to the lack of experience in dealing with the public, next time tell them you are a lawyer and i bet you the attitude will be totally different.

Lori Dawn
Because they try to act like a badass,when they have on a gun and badge.

They're trained to deal with people who have a big opinion of themselves and won't be said when they're in the wrong.
Some coppers are d*cks without a doubt but most aren't,depends which side of the law you're on I suppose.

The Mentalist Intelligentest
That is why they are called The Filth

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