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Why do people dislike the police?
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Why do people dislike the police?

I often hear about how many people hate the police, why?
More often than not the people who complain about the police have been either provocative or the police were simply enforcing the law.

I'm talking about the UK btw, I know that these questions often get but on other countries Y/A boards, and also that in places like Mexico the police are notoriously corrupt.
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@Fear The Boom And Bust
You dislike the police because they fined you for breaking the law?
And that is justified how?....


ich bin ein wolf
because the police usually but in with things that have no concern with them, basically they are nosey

my work mate has said that they stopped him on his way to work because of the way he dresses (hood up) but just because it looks like he's up to something doesn't mean he is.

Fear The Boom And Bust
i was minding my own business and got a ticket because the tags on my plate were expired and my insurance was a few days out of date, so i actualyl got 2 tickets for not hurting anybody, wow cops rule

because they can ruin your life take you to jail or give you a ticket which means you have to pay a lot of money

They are like pain: Necessary, but no one in their right mind wants anything to do w them.

Cops consider themselves to be deities, they treat normal people like trash, they are constant, adept liars that get off on abusing people, they invent crime where none has occurred, they steal from & frame people, they torment, harass, & ridicule others wherever they go, they torture & kill too. In summary, they break the law constantly because they know they can get away w it; they call this professional courtesy.

Only about 5% of the abuses, violence, etc that the cops pull is ever reported; of that 5%, about 90% goes unpunished, of that remaining 10%, about 8% is "punished" by a paid vacation, the final 2% are rarely ever given anything remotely close to what their civilian counterparts receive, ie., they may receive probation, or god forbid, unpaid vacation.

The have the type a personality alright; a as in Assinine:

Cop tazers 14 year old girl in the head:


Cop beats female bartender:


Cop threatens to frame driver:


Woman who calls cops to report assault is stripped & shackled for hours:


Mostly because SOME police are corrupt, and if someone has an experience with one of the kind of cops that are, they group all of the law enforcement agencies to be "bad". Also, a lot of people don't like to admit that they are wrong, so they blame the police for it, when in all actuality, without police, our cities and towns would be corrupt

because for many it is something which is not good

Partly because I have had to watch their abuse of power on too many occurrences.

partly because I am more than aware of the various experiments on obedience to authority and how people behave when given power to never trust anybody who has power over me.

Josh C
It's mostly ignorance.

I can't figure it out either. Maybe some people don't like the smell of bacon.

Carla G
I think people are generally afraid of anyone who has authority over them. I have never been in trouble with the police other than one or two speeding tickets but the sight of a police car still causes me some anxiety unless I'm in need of their help.

The British police are no longer a police force. They are a rapid response group.

The head of the Metropolitan Police (London) stated , not long ago, that his force was "institutionally racist". He did not resign.

And you wonder why some people dislike them!

I had a bad experience with them and now I am unhappy to say that I hate them and would never help an officer in trouble as I have done in the past.

I dislike the police for several reasons, but the main one is people who become cops are power hungry. Once you get into psycho-analyzing their personalities, most cops are generally the same. Once you give a person power, 9 times out of 10 the person lets the power go to his head. This is where the real problems come... the rules don't apply to me.... I am above the law... I can do whatever I want because all of those people will back me up... And the list goes on and on. It's just like the Stanford Prison Experiment. Look it up sometime...

I'm a law biding citizen, so in theory I should have no dislike for the pigs, but I really have no use for them at all. I don't like people who are power hungry. It makes them do evil things.

Most likely people dislike cops is they generally do things that might be boarder line illegal if not
more.Some have done things that cause suspicion and cops check out what they might believe is happening.Many carry this grudge a long time.

It is so easy to say the police are corrupt and leave it at that. The reality is police are there at the VERY WORST situations people experience, Deaths, Violent Auto Accidents, Rapes, Assaults etc. (and yes traffic violations) No matter the situation no one is happy to see a police officer even, at times, victims of crime.
Think about this; Your house is on fire. The firemen put the fire out. Heroes.
Your house is burglarized. The police investigate. Thought process; Why didn't they do their job and prevent the burglary? (because they were scarffing down doughnuts).
It just goes with the job.

Hmm I don't know, I got done in by the police once and hated them for a month or two, but then realised its only there job.
This people may dislike them because they want to be 'gangster' like and be like ^&*( the poilce.

The simple answer to your question is because some have and still do abuse their power.

Such was the case with the NYPD for years. Seen the film "Serpico?" That was back when the Mafia ruled vice. Chicago was the same way. Miami PD was on the take during the Cocaine Cowboys days too. LAPD was widely known for excessive uses of force. Such as the Rodney King incident. Many of them have been accused of being on the take involving the Iran-Contra scandal too. The simple matter is they abuse the power they are given.

At least that's with the US.

I'm sure the UK isn't any different. Only difference there is that the media isn't all over it like they are in the US.

I know a few retired police. People blow things out of proportion too. If you were in a dangerous situation, you can't just be "nice" and "friendly" to everyone. That's how ya get shot or something. They are looking out for their lives as well. I have great respect for their profession. Many of them around here are aggressive because they deal with scumbags all day. I wouldn't be happy either. I am actually considering trying to become a cop.

People dislike us for multiple reasons. We give people tickets. People don't feel as if they should get tickets when their actions "don't hurt anyone" (yet they have the potential to hurt someone. I'm not talking about speeding 8 over or something like that, I'm talking about reckless driving, DUI, that kind of thing.)
People also don't like being told what to do. Many police officers (we really have to be...) have a Type A personality. Once you are stopped by us, you run on our schedule.
People see corrupt police officers make the news time and time again. Of all the police officers in the US (or UK in your case) you see a very, very small percentage in the news, doing something stupid, or killing someone's family member, that sort of thing. They almost NEVER show in the news "Police Officer gives infant CPR, Saves Life" or "Police Officer stops child from getting kidnapped/raped." Those kind of stories just don't sell like "Police Officer has had Six On-Duty Shootings, last 2 are questionable." I find the media a major cause of people's dislike for police.
People also grow up disliking the police because we take people's family members away. When you're four years old and all you see is some men in blue uniforms coming into your house, and taking your dad away for 15 years in handcuffs, what are you going to think? Your family will reinforce this by "I can't believe they took ******** away, he didn't do that, etc." when really, he robbed someone at gunpoint and took a great deal of money from them.
People dislike the police because they themselves have "unpleasant" encounters with us. I don't know about you, but I've been Tased before, and I would be incredibly mad if I was drunk and didn't realize that I was being obnoxious and trying to start fights with people and acting disorderly and all of a sudden I got the S*** Tased out of me. People don't realize that they bring this action upon themselves. Many people don't think they're wrong for punching the officer in the face or kicking them in the nuts. Now, I ask you, what would you do if you're just trying to do your job and someone kicks you in the nuts (and you have a nice yellow/black object like a Taser on your belt?) We are people too, trying to do a job that does not pay well, that is almost completely thankless, and that we have a chance of not coming home from work that night. We do it because we love it. We do it because we feel compelled to protect the people in society as best we can. Sure, there are a few bad apples, but people honestly need to get a grip and take their heads out of their asses and maybe realize that cops are just people too. Just a thought.

The police maintain law and order, some people can be annoyed at that because they are stupid. But the real problem with the Police is that they protect the upper class from the working class, like that fu*king wa*ker Banker who lost everyones money who's house got trashed, the police stand up and protect scum bags like that , the real major criminals who effect Society the worst (like business men who run up massive companies debts, then sell their share, walk off with millions while the small business creditors go broke because of them!) are often protected by unfair laws that the Police maintain. If no one joined the police in protest, then the unjust upper class advantaging laws wouldn't be able to be maintained, by joining the police the police are in effect betraying the working class. That's why they're the PIGs.

The police were okay when they were just used to fight crime. Once Margaret Thatcher used them as a private army to defend capitalism, they became a political army, defending things like the G20 and G8 summits, and preventing legitimate protest.

I love the police. They never bother me. I've gotten pulled over twice and they let me go. The people that are always in trouble re normally the ones that can't stand the police. I thank the ones that are doing their jobs.

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