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Why is there such a lack of respect for Law Enforcement Officials ?
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Why is there such a lack of respect for Law Enforcement Officials ?

There are bad apples in every barrel, believe I know firsthand. But todays there seems to be a total break down of ANY one in Authority. I already know why - I just want to see various responses for my own research
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Because most of the local police are nothing but want A be's.
They can't make the grade to become a state trooper.

b/c law enforcement has such a lack of respect for those they supposedly serve.

I don't feel served, or protected. From personal experience, 90% of cops that I've came across, were arrogant, ruthless egomaniacs who thought that they were allowed to do anything they please. See my point?

♥ Jynx.
Come to Calhoun County in Port Lavaca, Texas and you'll know exactly why they aren't respected. :)

Law enforcement is officers are often time disrespectful and decietful with people. They definatly don't serve and protect the average person. They do serve and protect the small number of people who are victims of crime. But for the majority of people, they are a threat to take people's money and serving only the government.

You have to earn respect. And intimidating people into giving up their rights, hiding out behind trees to trap speeders are just some of the ways law enforcement does not earn respect.

From personal experience, I had a cop pull me over at 2am and ask me if I knew why I was pulled over. When I told him no, he said because I had an illegal object hanging from my mirror (it was my school parking pass). He then asked me if he could search my car. When I told him no, he said "Fine, I guess I'll just have to write you a ticket and let you be on your way."

Bottom line, I was pulled over because I was a young driver drivign at night. He tried to intimidate me into giving up my rights to privacy. I ended up getting the ticket dismissed, but I had to take a day off to go to court. This is typical experiences that I have heard with cops. There are cetainly good ones, but they are generally arrogant not out to protect the average person.

fairly smart
Not in my house! My brother is a former state policeman, as well as a local patrolman. A bunch of cousins are patrolmen, my uncle a former chief of police, my son is a boy scout & is learning respect there too.
While I do own a radar detector, I do respect them when I do have to deal with them. I only really use the detector on the highway, I don't speed in towns, so I don't have to deal with them much at all! (knock wood!)

Charlie D
Because the police have learned that THEY THEMSELVES can break the law and usually get away with it.
And they enjoy it!

specail ed
After 12 years I can say that lots of officers have let the job go to there head. Most start out with the best intentions but after years of dealing with a bad element you have work hard not to prejudged people. People see this. You can't expect to be treated with respect when you don't have any to give away.

I think by and large the average everyday citizen is very respectful of law enforcement. The people who complain and whine about the police all the time have usually just gotten a ticket, didn't get their crime solved, or have been arrested for a crime. The whiners and complainers are a small minority but can be very vocal making it appear that everyone is against the police. Never listen to Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson and it doesn't seem as bad.

Because all that's shown on TV is ''Bad Cop - No Doughnut''
type of drivel...you rarely see the thousands of good cops just doing their job.

I think part of it is because our society seems to idolize criminals and law breakers.
Another part is that we seem to be in a politically Liberal phase right now, and the Police are the enforcers of Conservative government policies.

Dog Lover
Its not just the police, society has festered a total lack of respect for any authority, law or moral standard.

There is such a disgusting mind set of 'everything goes' in society now. Kids are receiving no discipline from their parents and thus never hear the word NO anymore.

Try working with some of today's youth. They have no respect for their co-workers or the boss. My friend is a manager of a restaurant. He has such a hard time keeping help. The work ethic has just collapsed. A young employee that just didn't feel like showing up on a Friday night actually told him, when threatened with being fired, "hey, I didn't have a job before I came here... I don't care". How is that going to make them a productive member of society.

But as for Law Enforcement, people hate the police when they get caught doing something wrong. So, instead of taking personal responsibility for their acts, they blame the police.

They foster this mindset in every University in the country now. Its all about civil disobedience and anarchy. They fill these kids heads full of conspiracy theories and tell them it is all societies, not their fault, because the laws prevent them from doing any damn thing they please.


OK, off the soap box now.

There are what, 200,000 plus cops in this country? More? Ya, now and then one of them goes rogue. But, that is a rarity among the total number of police in this nation.

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