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Will the police respond if you call 911 and stay on the line but don't say anything?
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Will the police respond if you call 911 and stay on the line but don't say anything?

If I called 911 and then just stayed on the line without saying anything, would they come? Or would they assume it was a prank/accidental call and ignore it?

I've always been curious about that because sometimes if I'm home alone, I get paranoid about what would happen if someone broke in or something. In which case, I probably couldn't talk to the 911 dispatcher or they would hear me talking and find me (if I was trying to hide or something).

Luckily, no one has ever broken in or anything (knock on wood) but it doesn't mean that it couldn't happen... I just want to know, *just in case*...

And also, how long would it take to track down your address by GPS if you're calling from a cell phone? I don't have a house phone in my room and I use my cell for everything. I called 911 on my cell once for a car accident outside my house and they had to ask me my address, the intersection, the township, etc and it took over 10 mins for someone to get there... (Luckily no one was hurt though).
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Geez people, I'm not THAT paranoid!!! You can't tell me you have NEVER been home alone and thought "What would I do if such-and-such happens?" I said I was just curious!

I like to be prepared for unexpected events...

Or maybe I just watch too much CSI and Law & Order where people DO break in and hurt people.


Yes, but you might want to try and whisper help. Just to make them know that this is a serious situation. My brother (age 4) dialed 911... and they answered and my brother hung up, we had a cop at our door in 5 minutes... we found out that my brother was playing with the house phone.

Yes. Usually if you even call and hang up, they'll call you back. If you don't answer, they'll come then too.

lauren london
I am a Milwaukee officer and if someone calls and doesn't say anything we still respond...however we won't respond as quickly as we would if someone would talk to us regarding their emergency. If the telecommunicator can hear a struggle going on or a fight of some kind, they will get us over there or even if you dial 911 and then hang up, we are sent out. I don't know about other cities or states though.

Sometimes if it's a bs complaint then the person can get a ticket for 911 abuse.

As far as the accident goes, they asked all those questions because why would they use GPS when they can get the info from you? Plus just cuz it took ten minutes doesn't mean that will happen everytime. It was a car accident with no injuries which is not high on the priority list.

They use GPS from a cell phone based on the towers so you need to get a phone in your room cuz it won't give your address if you can't give it.

yes they will come.

mommy Ty
they will come if you call and hang the phone up right away. it there job

Yes they will. They track your number and find you in order to figure out what is wrong. Sometimes this is a great way if there is a burgular in the home and you do not want him to hear you calling 911. You call 911, put the phone down, and then get out of the house asap.

they will come right away!

Yes they will, for all they know you passed out or are too badly injured to speak, and they havee caller ID and tracking equipment to get the address from the number.

They will come if you call from a land line. Enhanced 911 makes that possible. If it is a prank you will be ticketed or charged with filing a false police report.

Some cell phone systems are equipped to triangulate but not all. They will however know who owns the phone.

Don't cry wolf or they may not come when you really are in trouble.

Einstein was a LIBERAL.
Yes they will.

They should come

they respond to all 911 calls...or they're supposed to. you may have to wait for awhile as most 911 calls are now automated

YES, they have too.
My nephew did that and the Police came knocking at his door and his Mom was all freaked out and my Nephew said "he broke his toy and called 911". The Policemen then educated him on why we call 911. It was really funny.

Scotty Doesnt Know
If the GPS reporting on your cell phone is enabled, the information is available to the 911 operations center as soon as the call is connected.

If it is not, there is also a way, if your 911 center has it, to triangulate the signal on a map based on three known towers.

If you dial 911, most law enforcement agencies are required by their policy to either establish contact or come to your location.

Many jurisdictions allow you to dial 911 in a non-emergency situation IF YOU ARE TESTING emergency communications equipment. You would need to identify yourself and tell them as soon as the call is connected that you are testing emergency communications equipment.

Dispatch center supervisor, yes they will respond to every call, even if you immediately hang up. As for the cell phone, many, many communities have absolutely no way to trace a cell phone. Even though the government passed a law where a tax is added to all subscribers, much of that money that was earmarked for communities to upgrade to "enhanced 911" which means they can track cell calls sits unused.

American citizen and taxpayer
I believe they have to check it out, and come to you.

As for cell phones, I don't know that police departments can track people down that quickly - yet.

Good luck.

Dan R
you know those speed dials for like 911 and poison control they have on home phones? My mom was washing the phone numbers area cause it had gunk on it, and she without knowing accidentally pressed the 911 button. 10 minutes later a squad car pulled up in the driveway and the police officer had a look inside our house. My mom said she must have pressed the number on accident washin the phone, but he didnt buy it.

Your address will come up on their computer if you stay on the line for a certain amount of time. It would probably take the same amount of time to track your position on a cell phone.

Griffin M
yes they will, they will come no matter what (better safe then sorry)

They come in case mabe you dialed the # w/ ur nose but can't speak because you've been gagged. It's a very complicated process.

They're required to at least send a police for investigation whenever they get a call. My brother and I have made 911 calls when we were very little and they always came, even when my parents explained that they had just let the two kids alone and they [we] got a hold of the phone.

it at least takes two minutes to trace a cell phone call for the police to track u down.....but normally they may think it would be a prank n just hang up on u...so if u would get in any situation like that at least speak up.....

OK i actually know this one from experience ( nothing horrible thought). I dialed 911 by accident and what they do in the suburbs is they send a car to do a drive by of where you live. They get out the car and walk around your house and sometimes they ring the door bell or knock. If you hang up they phone they call you back and ask you questions and they pay attention to your answer to see if they send a car to your house.

They came when my friend's kids dialed 911 and hung up. Not only they came, they also looked around in every room to make sure nobody hides there and keeps the family hostage. It was in NJ.

Derek O
Yes they will and do NOT Try it and see, the police officer can arrest you for false 911 calls

father of 4 husband of 1
They will respond regardless. There caller ID identifies your address.

The Archive
Yes, they will send out an officer for a 'Unknown trouble' dispatc h and they will go to the residence/location of the caller to check on the welfare of whomever is there. Cell phones, newer ones with GPS can allow them to find you, but older cell phones they cannot see where you are calling from.

They usually will send an officer out to the residents to make sure everything is alright. Don't do it as a prank though or its big fines for it. But yes they usually will come to the site and check things out, now if you call and hang up they usually call back and if you dont' answer they come out also.

Lil's Mommy
They will come, even if you call and hang up they will send someone out. They take all calls seriuosly and if they get these kinds of calls they assume you just can't talk because of an entruder.

As far as the cell phone, I am not really sure. I think it depends on your provider and how close you are to a tower for it to pick up signal and send it to the satellite.

Dog Lover
Yes... Federal 9-11 guidelines mandate that police respond to all 9-11 calls, even if it is hang up or dead line.

California Street Cop
Its good to think about these things. Its mental preparation. People should always be asking themselves "What would I do if...?"

My PD responds to all 911 calls. Leave the phone off the hook so the call taker can hear anything that happens. It'll be relayed to the responding officer to give him a better chance to prepare.

If its a cell in your name, they will look up the owner of that number. If the address is near the cell tower that's sending out the call we'll check the address listed on that cell account. If you're near your home but somewhere else calling 911 on a cell, you probably won't be found. Sorry. Gotta talk...whisper.

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