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Would a investigator come to my home alone at 9:45 PM without calling me first?
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Would a investigator come to my home alone at 9:45 PM without calling me first?

Someone came to my home around 9:45 PM last night. I wasn't expecting anyone so I didn't answer and no one called my phone or said anything. I am just wondering if an investigator would come that late without notice? I thought they came in pairs, called before hand, and drove either a marked car or a 'nicer' unmarked car. This guy was tall, had on a baseball cap, and was driving a silver sedan, about an 05. I am in the middle of a domestic violence case[I am the victim]. Thanks!
Additional Details
well, I just wasn't expecting anyone and I was alone. I am not sure if it was an investigator though. I got no phone calls today. I don't think I am wrong for not answering. I am remaining neutral on the situation. What I mean by that is, I am not speaking with anyone on any side. I am 9 months pregnant with a toddler and have answered all thats needed. I am just wondering....


In this case you should have asked, through a locked door for his badge number and name, and called the police to see if he was for real. If he wasn't they would have quickly dispatched patrol cars.

Leslie S
If you are the victim a police investigator (detective) would normally call first. If you were a really bad guy they show up in force at 5 a.m.
No they do not travel in 2s always. Feds travel in 2s since it is against the law to lie to a fed and they need a witness. It is not against the law to lie to the police.
Detectives who investigate domestic cases do not normally drive covert (not looking like even an unmarked) cars. They normally dress in conservative business attire. They would not waste time on just coming over to a victim's residence without calling.

If unsure simply call 911 to see if the guy is the legit police. They may not know immediately but will send a car to check him out especially if he claims to be the police.

Like someone else said it may have been a private investigator working for you husbands lawyer. you do not have to talk to him and most would suggest you do not talk to him.

Then again it might have been a burglar alarm or cable salesman.

Typically normal personal or business hours end at 5 pm. during weekdays--better known as calling hours. The normal hours would apply for the weekend as well, although would probably indicate a more hightened need for attention to their concerns.

No, they have no businesses coming to your house or even calling outside of normal business hours.

Investigators are not cops and he came at a time he thought you would be home and didn't call so you wouldn't try to ditch him. He is probably working for your husbands attorney.

Blue Haired Old Lady
I had a police detective show up at my door at 9 pm one evening. But - that doesn't matter. You weren't expecting anyone and did the right thing by not answering the door.

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