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can a police officer pull you over when you are already getting out of you car at your own home?
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can a police officer pull you over when you are already getting out of you car at your own home?



a officer can pull you over anywhere,period

yes i think they can pull you over anywhere

Time Will Tell
I'm not an officer, but I think if they have a reason to pull you over, then they can. Regardless of where they pull you.

Brian C

I cant pull over a car that is not actually moving dont you think. As far as questioning you, or detaining you of course.

Simple answer YES. This being if the cop is pullin you over or had intended to pull you over he/she must have had a reason. Like you ran a red light or stop sign. But you pulled into your driveway before he/she actaully stopped you. So just because you pulled into your driveway does not make the violation go away. So yes he can still pull you over.

Maureen B
Yes,You can be pulled over anywhere..

no, he can probably pull you out of the car ! ( I think "steven c" actually LIKES IT !)

El Scott
Yes. I have pulled people over in their own driveway and arrested them.

Depends on what state you are in. In New York a police officer has 1 yr to right a ticket. They are trained to pull people over in a safe place. So if you are on a busy road he may follow you for a little while until you get to a safe road. So if you live on a busy road and you pull into your driveway he can pull you over.

been there
You are equating home as sanctuary. It does not work that way.

Terry W
actually its a physical impossibility. If u are stopped already, you cannot be 'pulled over'. What you mean is can the police question you about a crime you have committed - YES they can.

Pecan Goddess
Yes!!! Very much so!!

yes sir

If you were getting out of your car, the officer did NOT pull you over, he stopped to question you.

if his lights were not on before you got on , it would not be considered pulled over.. but they could question you yes ,,, dui no ?? but.. cops can do what they want! truth. ... ...

The answer is yes even if you were just driving in to your driveway or stationary exiting your car.

Don't be fooled by the myth that there is an invisible shield at your residence. If he saw a violation and you turned into your subdivision even if you make it home you are fair game. Sorry charlie....

Steven C
Oh Yeah

No they can not. Get out of your care and shout HOME BASE!!!!


Of course they can. just because you make it home you are not safe. That only works when your playing tag and 6 years old

Your question does not make any sense. How can someone pull you over if your not driving at that point?.

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