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can i become a police officer if a member of my family has a criminal record?
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can i become a police officer if a member of my family has a criminal record?

i want to become a police officer and i've heard i may not because of my father having a record i just wanted to know


It will not affect you at all! They will only look at you and your criminal history. They don't have the time, resources, or money to dig into your entire families criminal records. You will be fine!

Good luck- hope you get it!

El Scott
You are not responsible for your father's actions. It will not prevent you from getting hired. They will probably ask you if a member of your family has ever been arrested but it won't prevent you from being hired. I have family members that have been arrested.

One of the potential questions you may be asked during your panel interview is this:

If you saw a member of your family commit a crime, would you arrest them?

Ask yourself this, if you saw your dad do something illegal, would you be prepared to arrest him?

Your dad having a record should not be a barring event to you being hired, but it WILL open up a line of questions during the interview you may be hard pressed to answer.

Inspector Javert was born in prison.

Big Fella
If he lives in the same house with you, that is a true statement, at least here in Houston Texas! If you prove you live outside of the house, prior to application, maybe even during the process, they will still deal with you!!!! Our General Orders/SOP (rules for our department), we are not allowed to socialize with known felons, family or otherwise, and I am certain that is pretty much the rule for all police departments!

Yes you can, you cannot control your families activities.

Course you can trust me on that one.

Str8 Shooter
Absolutely you can.

oh yes,and if you see your father doing anything wrong you will have to report him.if you can do that you will make a good p

No problem.

I suppose that they could take this into consideration, BUT I will still say NO this will NOT go against you. I say this as I was hired as a police officer and have a brother who at the time had been arrested several times.This being before I was hired as well as after I was hired. YOU canNOT control or be resposible for the actions of your family members. So this should not have any part of you being hired.
BTW I myself also had ties with an OUTLAW biker club when I was hired. I did NOT tell the department who hired me BUT I was approached by some department Det. who showed me some pics and ask who they were. After tewlling them I didn't know the guys they then informed me of my past and remember I did not tell them but they did know.

Having criminals for relatives is not a plus, but in my view honest moral people that grew up on the margin of right and wrong and rubbed elbows with scumbag criminals make the best police officers. They know them, their attitudes, their ways, etc while those people that grew up in one of these real nice all American families usually never fully understand these criminals. Not that they have to, but it is helpful especially in criminal investigations.

it shouldnt be a problem. and SURELYCOOLGURL: they DO have the resources, AND the time, AND the money to look into that. its called a background check. they check you and they check the important people in your life. they also dig up high school teachers, friends, theyll get any info they want on you in a heartbeat, seeing as how it is a position of public protection.

Ian UK
This shouldn't be a problem as long as you disclose it on the application form and list all of the requested information.

I have colleagues who have family members who have been or are currently known criminals.

At the end of the day, you have no control over what your family members do.

The problems arise when you don't disclose this type of information and it gets uncovered when they do check you and your family members out, which they will, as this is an integrity issue if you don't disclose the information.

Good luck with the application!

ELEPHANT MAN Republicans can
Yes you can. It will be included in your background check but will be up to the chief to make the final decision. As long as you had absolutely nothing to do with anything your father did it should not effect your being hired. But as I said, the chief has the final word and don't think for a minute he can't find a reason for not hireing you if he wants to.

Yes, Their record has nothing to do with you.That is their own fault.Good luck in the Law Enforcement career.Never let anyone stand in the way of your career choice.

I don't see a problem at all with it, but definitely make sure you disclose your family's history if asked, best not to keep secrets.

I don't think it matters on the family member, I think it matters on the individual, but remember the saying if you don't try and apply for a job, you will never get it, remember you gotta be in it to win it. Like being in a raffle draw, if you don't go out there and try, you will never know. Hoped this has helped some bit and I wish you the best of luck too.

Im in school to become a police officer and I recently have gotten married. Everyone who isn't even a cop says that Im not going to be able to become a officer because my husband has a criminal background and I dont think that thats fair because I didnt committ the crimes and we was not together when they acurred. Im working to damn hard to accomplish my goals. Is this true ?

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