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do they strip search u when u enter juvenile hall?
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do they strip search u when u enter juvenile hall?

i have to turn myself in next week for somthing i didnt even do and ive been told that i will be strip searched when i go in? is it true? has this happend to anyone? im a 16 yr. old girl im scared to death. somone help!!
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if its true, what exactly do they make u do?


Clif S
Yes they generally do in most states.

I have not heard of a strip search in juvenile hall before. Unless, perhaps, you were a repeat offender with drug issues. My neice went to juuvy once for the DUMBEST THING ON EARTH!! She never reported being strip searched.

You go through a metal detector. Kind of like at the airport. Maybe a little more extensive.

PS - "California law prohibits most strip-searches of juveniles arrested on suspicion of misdemeanors" I found that in a recent on-line article. I'm sure it varies from state to state, but I think you should not worry about it. Really. What can you do?? If it happens, it happens. Perhaps you need to dump this friend of yours. I would be pretty angry at him if I were you. Stay out of trouble and you'll never have to worry about this kind of thing again.

L. R
As a former Juvenile Corrections Officer, I can tell you YES you will be strip searched and you will be given the supplies for a shower, this includes a lice shampoo. You belongings will be searched while you shower. Most often if you turn yourself in they will not have you x-rayed (in lieu of a cavity search). You will not be permitted to have hair extensions if you are there for more than 24 hours. You will not be permitted to wear your own clothes ( not even your own undies), in fact I suggest that you wear something that will not be a great loss to you if it goes missing or is damaged in the laundry, because your clothing will be washed before it is placed in a storage bag and placed in a storage room. I hope this has helped and the experience has taught you to be more careful who you get in a car with. Good Luck.

you are strip searched any time you are placed in any facility

they usually send u through metal detectors, then they search you.....depending on how bad it is then they might take the search a little farther

OK I didn't go to juvenile hall but I went to jail and they did what they call a strip search. Basically I was stripped down to my underwear and I had to run my fingers around the bottom of my bra and run my fingers through the crotch and behind of my panties. I had to take my socks of and shake them and pull my hair out of a ponytail and shake and run my fingers through it too. They just want to check if your sneaking harmful things in or cigs or things like that. I had a female officer do it which I am sure (by law) they will do for you. I guess in prison its worse. You have to do the squat and cough method but you probably will not have to endure that. Anyways, every where you go its different. good luck and remember to mind your P's & Q's. Everything will be just fine.

most likely you will be striped naked and do a keester dance.bend over and cough boy this is degradeing brother,bend over ansd cough,cough cough cough

Noah H
You bet they do. It's not pleasant, but it's not the end of the world either. Anyone who's ever had a physical pretty much knows the drill. Just don't resist...go along, get along!

Dr. Answers
of course they do just follow the directions given by the officer oh and don't forget to cough

Yes they can and will tell you to strip down to nothing spread eagle against the wall then tell you pull those butt cheeks apart so they can take a closer look. If they should see something they will pull you aside and have a doctor do a cavity search while they watch.
(i took a ride with a boy who stole a car. i didnt know it was stolen but i guess that makes me guilty too) Sorry this changes everything if you talk chances are you won't even be booked

I never have been to Juvy Hall but have talked to people who have been and I believe they do strip searches, however I can tell you right now though that legally only a female guard is allowed to strip search female inmates.

What were you charged with and why are you turning yourself in for it when you didn't do it?

First of all, do not panic!

Different juvenile halls operate in different manners and have different policies. For example, some juvenile halls do strip searches. Others do not perform strip searches. So no one can answer your question with a 100% perfect answer.

I can tell you this. The hall (or detention center) in my county does perform strip searches on juveniles.

Also, expect strict rules and guidelines. This will be dependant on the specific unit in which you are placed.

My advice is to go there with a positive attitude and turn your life around.

well see here in ohio you go in do your intake then they let you shower when you go in the shower you have to strip down and the same gender gaurd as you watches to make sure you dont have anything your hiding.

yes it happens alott, where i am theres not one juvie hall where u are not strip searched are juvies are super jails for children. i hope its all good

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