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fleeing class A misdemeanor probation from texas
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fleeing class A misdemeanor probation from texas

i fled from deferred probation on two class a misdemeanor charges based on a plea deal and plea no contest, one was assault with injury(family violence) and the other was a violation of a protective order. i was sentenced to 2 years probation, 36 weeks of batterer intervention classes, $400 fine, and 100 hours of community service. i left due to my mother becoming seriously ill and them not granting me the travel permit. it has been almost 8 months now and they finally issued the warrants on 7/28/08. i know there is no statue of limitations, however i was wondering what the probability of them extraditing me from portland oregon back to texas. the bail is set at 7500 for each charge. during this time my wallet was also stolen and i have lost all forms of ID. i've been battling trying to get a copy of my birth certificate which i think i have finally been able to get. i'm also wondering if when i go to get a drivers license/state ID in portland if i will be flagged and detained. though i do plan on getting this resolved at some point in the future i have read numerous stories and posts of people going on with their lives for 10 years and never hearing about it again from texas/houston/austin. any information would be greatly appreciated. any lawyer i've spoken to has told me to just go get it taken care of, though that is not exactly an option right now due to the condition of my mother.
Additional Details
the charges are over 8 months old, the suspected victim did no press charges, it was taken by the state. the charge was for moving the suspected victim out of my way so i could get to my car and leave a neighbor called the police from hearing us yell, and the officer asked if i had touched her in any way that could have caused harm, the violation of a protective order came from me stating that i went to my own house to pick up some of my clothes to my probation officer...


In the past two years, both of my parents have died and I was able to be with my parents so I understand how you feel, but you need to hire a lawyer and work out some kind of deal. Texas is pretty strict about their laws. Why did you lose all your ID stuff? You need to get better organized and think about stuff and the consequences of your actions.

I would suggest you find a good lawyer because they will send you back to Texas. And yes when you go to get your license it will show up on your record.

yeah...hmmm. can an lawyer help? Or are they just saying just take care of it. You know judges are human beings and although there are some real humdingers out there, most are pretty understanding. If these are family related and you left Texas, chances are you are no longer in violation of the protective order because well, you left. I would pay a lawyer and get them to work a deal for you to stay with your mom until things are better or until she passes.

They're not going to come all the way up there to get you on a misdemeanor. So, you won't be arrested when you go down to apply for a license. Can't say if they will give you one or not, but they won't arrest you, because Texas won't confirm the warrant when the sheriff isn't prepared to pick you up. Won't go away, though. As the lawyer said, go down there and deal with it, but you can probably wait until your mother's situation is stable.

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