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how much time would you get if you hit a cop?
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how much time would you get if you hit a cop?

if u 14
just wonderin


Barry C
Zero, if you are really fast.

the Boss
If you stabbed your mother with a fork and punched a cop, in prison you would be called a mother forking cop socker.

California Street Cop
I imagine probation, but I would make sure your *** spent at least one night in the hospital if I was the cop you hit. You'd also have a scar to last a lifetime. Chics dig scars.

Zsa Zsa Gabor hit a cop and only got 3 days in jail...

So go slap that cop!

Once they let you out of the jail ward at the hospital, it would probably be probation plus time served.

if you're 14 you'll probably get probation if its ur first offense
or juvie, if you get a mean *** judge

You could spend serious time for it, not to mention the cop could add on or make up as many charges to add to the original charge as he wants. If the original charge does not stick, the other ones will.

Not to mention your *** would be severely beaten and any resistance on your part would be cured with backup.

Call your local Police Station. I'm sure they would be able to give you a more accurate answer. Ask for the Juvenile Officer.

you could end up in juvenile til your 18

i dont know....but i dont think i'd be the dumbass kid to try it just to find out

I suppose it depends how much damage you do and what you hit them with (your hand, your car, their car, a baseball bat). There are so many different factors so you'll have to be a little more specific. Hitting with your hand would be just plain assault whereas hitting with a baseball bat would be assault with a weapon and either intent to cause grievous bodily harm or assault occasioning actual bodily harm. The length of the sentence may also take into account previous criminal activity.
At best, they might let you off if it wasn't too serious. At worst, several years in the slammer.

Maybe about two seconds before I hit back and use my batman tools to remind you why it's not polite to hit and cop and remind you must deal with your choices you make.

If you threw a little sissy punch, you would likely get released to your parents.

If you are a little bruiser, the pepper spray experience would forever change you. The 45 minutes of hell would be enough to change your life forever. Chances are, it would all be captured on video and you would have a great souvenier to add to your criminal record.

Later on in life, you will regret ever having tried this stupid stunt.

The three that struck me got a plea bargain

Lt. Dan reborn
Listen to Josh, he sounds like a tough guy on Yahoo Answers... Of course, in real life he'd be a little more hesitant since he'd be getting some of what he gave and mom wouldn't be there to hold his hand.

Assault against an officer usually carries 3-5 years, even in juvie. And once you're out of there, you'll be so messed up that you won't do anything that stupid again for the rest of your mortal years.

Kenneth C
Enough to make you wish you hadn't done that.

You can be charged with assult on a police officer, this can
get you some time in juvie, If I was the cop and you hit me
I would see to it that you can't sit down for a week, and maybe
arrest you on the spot.

This is not a good thing to do.

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