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how often will my probation officer do a random visit?
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how often will my probation officer do a random visit?

I have a 3 year term and i have 7 months left. My officer has never done a house visit. I moved into my new house last month. I wasnt home and she came over looking for me and told my neighbor she was here and to tell me that she came by. She left her card on the door. I called her back and she said she was just out doing house visits and that she didnt need to come back. Do you think she is going to come back soon? Do you think she will come back again at any time through the rest of my term? thanks


Norm O'Brian
Does it matter? I'm not on probation, but I could pass whatever inspection you may have to go through. Your probation officer can come to my house, anytime.

See? I live clean and don't associate with scumbags. I don't have a care in the world. Anyone could call CPS on me. They would give me an award, not take my kids from me.

If you can't say that honestly, then you need to evaluate how you are living, who you associate with, and where you hang out.

I'm not a poet, preist or politician. I've just figured out how to live without people looking into my business. Don't start no sh*t and there won't be no sh*t.

Bob B
You never know. If you aren't up to much, she probably won't be too interested.

Best advice is this: it's only 7 months to go- you've made it this far. Don't do something stupid and get yourself into trouble this close to the end.

"Do you think she is going to come back soon?"

Yes. Absolutely.

Or not.

It's actually completely irrelevant what I (or anyone else) thinks your probation officer will do at some point in the future. I'm not even sure why it would matter to you what anyone else thinks about whether or not your probation officer will come back.

"Do you think she will come back again at any time through the rest of my term?"

I do. Would you like to know when?

Any time she/he wants.*

Um.. hold on let me look at my schedule.....

She has the right to show upany time she chooses, unannounced. But is only required to on your initial meeting and any time you move. If you arent doing anything suspicious, she probably wont F**K with you. Imagine her whole caseload.... Just keep the house clean, and call her and let her know you got the message. =D

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