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if you're on probation and you mess up. is it best to go to prison or run?
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if you're on probation and you mess up. is it best to go to prison or run?


taylor n
run like the wind. Mexico

I like to see them run. Then the the cops can use their tazers and that makes for good comedy! So flee felon, flee!

my name is call me ishamael
run like the wind.

and thats a memo.

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run luke run

The best thing for you to do is to take it like a man do the prison time. More than likely since you were just revoking probation, you won't have to spend too much time in the prison. It all depends on what your original charge is and how you revoked your probation. Since you were out on community supervision, which is what probation really is, they won't keep you in the prison system long because the prisons are way overcrowded.

If you run, then you will just make it harder on yourself because you will eventually get caught. It will for sure happen. And when you, they will revoke you harder than as if you would have stayed and did the punishment.

Good luck.

When in the shower--what ever you do--don't bend over to pick up the soap. Keep it on a roap around your neck.

If you have already messed up you are on your way to

James A
Usually it is better to go back to prison, but I guess it depends on how long they would send you there.

Have you been to prison before? Can you handle yourself there without getting raped and catching HIV? If so, just go back, as long as the sentence is not too long.

Are you going to a federal facility, where things are run generally pretty well, or are you going to one of the state ones?

Do you have someplace you can go and not get extradited? If you are not a violent criminal and you have dual citizenship, that would influence your decision.

I guess without more information, it is hard to say what I would do in your shoes.

Cali Cop
Run. So I don't have to pay to keep you incarcerated.

Tom M
Run....It's harder to hit a moving target.

Save America
Depends on how long your sentence will be for, and if the crime you committed was really worth such a stiff penalty. Either way if they want to find you they will.

hey John Hightower, your killing me, what other details!!??

Back to the subject...

Never run(thats pretty dumb unless you just robbed a bank and have a few mill waiting for you), walk over now and turn yourself in. It will look much better and dont forget to say yes sir/maam. be sure to mention the guilt your feeling while your at it, the cherry on the cream.

go back to prison. you should know to not mess up. You can run but you can't hide forever...

Earl W
go to prison

John Hightower
Go in and face the music. Depending on how bad you messed up, they may only give you a warning or have you check in more often.

When you run, you bascially are giving the "system" the finger. They will then put extra effort into making an example out of you.

I was at Virginia's Dept of Corrections for over 12 years. Had a unit who's only purpose was to go after absconders (you, if you run). These people were constantly going all across the country to pick up people.

Some guy, walked away over 30+ years ago. Hadn't gotten into any trouble during that time period. But then he went to New York, got drunk, and got arrest. Cops in New York did a fingerprint check - found Virginia still wanted him. New York held him on the drunk driving until Virginia could pick him up. Virgina brought him back to serve the balance of his time and his penalty for walking away.

I was a computer person. My role was to work with them so they could access computer databases that identify everything on you - where you have lived, who your neighbors have been, who was living with you, who was living at your neighbors, and on and on. To show me, one of the officers ran my name thru - found out that my step daughter, while living at home, 6 (?) years ago, had rented a post office box number. Other details I will not go into. My report (clean record, not even a speeding ticket) was over 24 pages.

And that was before 9/11 - so I know they are pulling even more stuff together.

Go back to prison. You are still a bad guy. Next time they ask you if you are ready to come out be more honest.

Go to prison and pay your debt to society.

Richard W
Where are you going to run to? In this age of communication there are no dark areas on earth. Hiding from the law will only last a moment. Then the penalty will be even more harsh. Maybe, if you go to the authorities things will work out. You will have to go thru this bad time, but in reality, there is no way around it. When it is finally over you the law and God will be at peace, and one day it WILL be over!

You're kidding, right? Where you gonna run? Are you gonna leave the country over a probation violation? I agree with the other guy: Just don't mess up.

Honesty is the only policy to live by. If you have made a mistake while on probation then you should imeadiately own up. No ifs or buts about it. To own up will show that you want to do the right thing and that you are man enough to take responsibility for your way of life. To ask such a question sugests to me that you have messed up and that your heart is still able to discern right from wrong. Be very thankfull that you can still do this because living in wickedness sears the conscience and the mind and the cost of so doing is enormous

If you run you'll continually be looking behind your back. It's not like life will be great since you will become paranoid. Besides, if the police try and stop you, you might actually attempt to elude them at that point which will make for a new felony in some states. Go talk to your attorney.

Dont listen to those people. I am a former USAF Police Officer. I can tell you from dealing with AWOL's that it is just better to go to prison. Do your time. If you run say hello to a felony charge on top of your "mess up". Do your time...Get out....and DONT SCREW UP


Rule Number One - Dont Mess Up

It is better to go to prison, because with good behavior you will get your sentence reduce(if it is a minor thing) if you run then more charges will be added like evading arrest, violation of probation, this things and many more can add years instead of months if you turn yourself in.

brandon p
Your better off to serve the time now than run. Sooner or later you will be caught and most likely the punishment will be more severe.

thats a hard question if you run make sure to stay in a big city so you have a better chance of not being recognized

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