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if you have ever been convicted of domestic violence can u get a permit for a hand gun? link please?
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if you have ever been convicted of domestic violence can u get a permit for a hand gun? link please?


Simple. Enter the international field of violence.

WestTex Kid
Depends on what state you live in. If the conviction is a felony in the state in which you live, you'll be S.O.L. getting a gun permit. Other states may treat that conviction as a felony as well and make it difficult, if not impossible to obtain a permit.

If a convicted felon can't vote anymore, then there is plenty of reason why gun permit won't be issued.

Finally, if you were convicted of domestic violence, it would be crazy for a governmental agency to issue a gun permit. Sorry, I call them how I see them.

You don't necessarily need a permit to own a handgun. You will need to have a background check to buy one from a licensed retailer. The laws for gun ownership vary from state to state. Some states allow a citizen to obtain a license to carry a concealed weapon and REQUIRE that it be a handgun while other states do not permit concealed carry at all. Illinois, by way of example, is notorious for having very strict laws regarding gun ownership. I would imagine the NRA website would be able to provide you with information regarding laws specific to your state. I love how folks answering your question assume you're an offender in a domestic violence case and want a handgun.

Brady law will not allow any person convicted of a person crime to get a gun, especially domestic violence.

As a former Police Officer the answer to you question is no, if you are convicted of a domestic violence charge you can not own or have a firearm in you possession. Sorry...

No. Usually if you have been convicted of ANY crime you cant get a gun. Why do you want one anyway? I hope you arent planning on hurting anyone. You would first need to get a firearm license but may not be allowed to do so. Don't get a gun. Too much violence nowadays.

Please don't give this guy a link.

There is nowhere in the U.S. you can get a handgun permit with a domestic violence conviction against you.

no, which is why oj had to use a knife. he wasn't allowed to purchace a handgun in california.

Dirty Martini
good god, what next....

No, because it is considered a violent offense.

In Michigan your hit for one year and cannot own firearms, if someone has a restraining order on you, you cannot own one at all, until it is null and void, or the victim drops it. The one yr is still there, irregardless of a ppo order.

victor s
You + handgun + domestic violence = TRAGEDY why don't you buy yourself a book its called BIBLE much cheaper , and you don 't need a license to buy it , good luck bro.

No you cannot

Once convicted, your attorney should have provided you with information regarding possessing a firearm. Here is some info from the Department of Justice...

Possession of a firearm and/or ammunition after conviction of a "qualifying" domestic violence misdemeanor is a federal crime under
Section 922(g)(9). Generally, the misdemeanor will “qualify” if the conviction was for a crime committed by an intimate partner, parent or
guardian of the victim that required the use or attempted use of physical force or the threatened use of a deadly weapon. In addition,
Section 922(g)(9) imposes other legal requirements. The United States Attorney's Office will examine your case and determine whether the
prior domestic violence misdemeanor conviction qualifies under Section 922(g)(9).

A handgun is just what you need. You can do a lot more harm that way.

I'm not a lawyer but I think it's going to hinge on whether it was a felony or not...

I don't think so. I don't mean to be judgmental here, but in light of recent events, do you really think someone with a history of domestic violence needs a gun? I don't think so.

One Sexy Jeep Girl
No. No link but I asked my boss's son in law who's a cop.

If you've been convicted of domestic violence you should spend the money you wish to spend on a hand gun and go to therapy.

People with violent tendencies should not have the right to bare arms. This is how guns kill people....

It would vary state to state, but I'm leaning towards no due to a domestic violence charge.

No, you can't. It's a federal law that you can not carry a firearm.

Lefty Bassist 1
No you can not it's the law.
I have no link for you I just know it's true.

ok maybe in some hillbilly state you might be able to.

I agree with alot of comments on here but I also believe that each case should be examined individually, I was convicted of domestic assault over 10 years ago. I won`t go into the details but I was a drunk a drug addict and stupid. Now in present day I don`t drink, do drugs,and I haven`t even had so much as a speeding ticket. I have a strong relationship with God, I am married to a beautiful woman and have 3 children that I can`t protect if the situation arises(praying that it never does) and I can`t even go hunting if I wanted to. Just because of one stupid moment from over a decade ago. I understand the need for strict gun laws but not every conviction is the same.Just my opinion

I have a question, I was charged with DV not a felony charge it was 5 years ago, and I have had my house broken into 3 times my kids are scared and I'm scared , I have no way to protect us because I'm sure I can have any fire arms what so ever. I live in Alabama and just tonight I had a stranger beating on my back door and they tried to open my door what the hell can I do to keep us safe?? Help I'm a single parent trying to stay safe. My landlord brought over a shot gun so I would feel better but now I'm scared I'm breaking the law just by having it here. what do I do?

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