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is it illeagal for a male police officer to search a female?
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is it illeagal for a male police officer to search a female?

i got pulled over last night wit some friends and me and my female friend both got searched by a male police officer.. isnt that illeagal?
arent they supposed to call in female back up to search females?


Chuck N
Are you bragging or complaining?

I would think that now days, they would have to have called a female to be present. To search your body.

yeah i think so you should report them if you felt like you were mistreated in any way

anyone can be searched whether it be by a female officer or a male officer. it really depends on the state you reside in. and did they have a probable cause to search you? if not then you have a law suit against them. good luck and any questions contact me cause I help people that are getting the wrong treatment from the law.

oh dark l
nope sweethart the cops can do whatever they like and do. what your best off doing is talking to higher ranked coppers than female coppers

Mark T
In the UK, no, quite legal for a casual search, for a cavity search, in private and with a female officer.

No, it would be better for a women to do it, but obviously they didn't have one handy.

I will answer your question with a question. What if the situation were reversed? What if it was a bunch of males who got pulled over and a female officer needed to search. Should she call in a male officer to search? This action could get her killed and it could get the male officer killed.

Nope. Where'd you think the term "cop a feel" came from?

Actually no. Most police departments require a weapons search for officer safety and this can be done by any officer. If it becomes any more invasive (strip search, cavity, etc...) they do need to call in a same gender officer.

what if you were hiding a gun on your body should he wait for a female officer to show so in the mean time you could use it on him i think not. he has the right to search you for his safety now yes if he did act inappropriately then it becomes your word against his unless you have a witness

the only time its required to have a same gender officer is in cases of strip searches but frisk searches can be done by either

baby shih tzu
male officers can do what they call a blade search..they have to do it open handed...


Judge Dredd
It is 100% legal. Its normally not done when a female officer is available, but even then is not mandated by law.

Stand Up Guy
No. Searches are done for officer safety and if no female officers are present, male officers are allowed to search females. Officers are advised to call a female officer if possible and most due so gladly to keep from being accused of fondling. Male officers are also trained to search females with the back of their hands to avoid such accusations as well. If the officer you dealt with conducted the search in an improper manner, then you can file a complaint. Bring witness(es) if possible.

Technically.... a male officer can search a female suspect, ( and please dont be offended by me using the word suspect ). A "pat down" search is about as far as a male can go on a female. Anything more than that they need to call in a female officer. However, alot of departments ( at least here in Texas) allow their officers to search no matter what, because alot of times, there isn't a female officer on duty, or sometimes in the department, so what should they do? Turn the Suspect loose? No they perform a pat down, nothing more.

depends on the serch,did they pat you down or strip you naked? May i?

no it is not illegal, that is only a myth. ( I will assume it was a pat search)

If possible they will try to call for a female officer but at times there is none in the area, or may not be any on duty that shift.
And in some departments they may not even be a female officer period.

But for a mere pat down search, a male officer can pat down a female, no issue at all.

Where I work it is completely legal for a male officer to pat down a female. Luckily my department has video cameras in all our patrol cars. When I search a female I have them stand so whatever part of their body is being touched is in full view of the camera.

When doing a pat down, we have to search ALL areas, including private areas. I search these areas in view of the camera using the back of my hand. We also pull all clothing away from the body and crush it in our hands to make sure we don't miss anything.

We don't have any female officers in my area, but if we did, I would have the female officer search them whenever possible.

no just like its not illegal for a male doctor to have a female client...... if u were uncomfortable about the male officer u should of said something right there... if he was being innapropriate about searching u like a strip search or fondeling ur private parts then thats illegal

it depends really hopw far they searched u....male cops can go fully searching a female....they can like check ur pockets etc....like on the "outside" if u kno wa i mean....but on the other hand....i would prefere to be pat down by a male officer ;)

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