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private phone calls late at night!?
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private phone calls late at night!?

I keep getting private phone calls late at night, usually between the hours of 12am-4am mostly on the weekends. I've answered twice, out the multiple times they've called, and they won't say anything to me!! Is there any way of figuring out who it is if they have blocked their number? Who ever It is actually starting to scare me!!


If you find that you aren't getting a lot of help from police or the telephone company for a harassment charge, stop by at
a local sports supply store and pick up a whistle. Don't get the "tone" type, but the one with the round ball in it. Next time you get a call after midnight, answer the phone, make sure it is your harasser ( by them not talking to you) and give them a loud blast with whistle. It will be quite painful on the other end and I am reasonably sure it will take the "fun" out of their calling you.

Best of luck and I hope this is useful to you

Nap Sack
go to the police they can trace the private caller

If you believe this is someone trying to harass or threaten you, contact the police and inform them of the situation. They may be able to trace the calls or work with the phone company to find out who is doing it.

Yeah it sounds like you have someone who likes you but is too afraid to say anything to you. But I could be wrong. I would definately file a police report. And if and when you find out who it is, get a restraining order. It isn't right for someone to call you at those hours. This person could be a freak or a pervert.

I think you can call the phone company... since they block the numbers, they can figure out who's calling...

I don't think it's that big of a deal for them to do it either... they can even block the number from calling you, even if that number is blocked, I believe

if they won't help, you can file a police report about it, and that will get the ball rolling...

even if it's a annoyance and not an emergency, it is technically against the law...

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