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what does it mean if a criminal case is pending disposition bound over to grand jury?
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what does it mean if a criminal case is pending disposition bound over to grand jury?

This is what it said on his background check. The case was from 2003, and he was basically let go as if everything had been dropped. So why would it still say this after all these years. The reason he was let go was because he almost died in the jail from a spider bite and was denied treatment until he had swollen up beyond recognition. So basically they let him go to avoid a law suit I think. How can he get this completely removed from his record?


Pending disposition bound over to the grand jury means that the grand jury has not yet voted on whether a crime was committed or not. After 7 years, it is completely redundant, but for some unknown reason it is still on the background check. What it should say is "nolle prosequi" which means it was dropped with a "no" vote or the case was dropped without an indictment being returned. As of this point in time, best advice would be to have an initial consultation with an attorney within the same jurisdiction of that court to see if he can get the background amended through the Clerk of Court's office. Make sure when you call that you will not be charged for the initial consultation ( most lawyers do not charge for the first visit, but it never hurts to make sure.)

Best of luck and I hope this is useful to you

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