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within how many minutes does a murder happen in the usa?
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within how many minutes does a murder happen in the usa?

its for my hw!!!


2010-09-23 22:01:36 +0000
45 a day do the math

2010-09-23 22:18:38 +0000
as far as the US goes

15,241 in 2009 that met convictions in our judicial system...however, if you count those whose murders remained unsolved (without convictions) and those yet to be discovered....the number increases significantly due to the large illegal alien population invading our nation.

Approximately 45 murders are committed each day in the U.S.

While no official numbers have been compiled, it's estimated at 12 U.S. civilians per day will die from an encounter with an illegal immigrant....whether murdered, killed in an automobile accident, a victim of a burgulary/murder or just plain die at the hand of an illegal immigrant.

That's 4,380 murders per year. Since 9/11/2001, 21,900 U.S. citizens have died because of an illegal immigrant.

2010-09-23 21:59:43 +0000

2010-09-23 22:02:06 +0000
Latest figures indicate that the US has a murder rate of 5 per 100,000 people. The current estimate of the US population is 310,314,000 - this translates into an average of 15,515.7 homicides in the US per year. Assuming they are spread out evenly across the whole year (not exactly a reasonable assumption, but whatever) that consists of 525,600 minutes (assuming it's not a leap year), this translates into one homicide every 33.87536495 minutes (33 minutes, 52 1/2 seconds).

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