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Can I keep a package addressed to me that I did not order?
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Can I keep a package addressed to me that I did not order?

I got a blu ray player in the mail today. Did not order it and no return address. It was addressed to me, my name, my address. Can i keep it?
Additional Details
there was no delivery confirmation sticker or tracking label


merry christmas

Hahaha, well, you could ;-) , but I would advise calling people you know to see if they ordered it for you/call the store/warehouse where it was shipped.


Im not sure what you should do, but be careful. I would maybe call the cops, but that's just me.

My answer will be based on ethics:

Check the packing information.

The invoice should have who originally ordered it and if it wasn't someone you know contact the Shipper or return it to the shipping company.

Who knows, someone may have bought a blue ray player.

My suggestion would be to check it out with the post office maybe they can tell you were it came from

If you want to be honest I would go to the post office and find out where it came from and who sent it to you. They have all that tracked. It wouldn't be honest to keep it without at least trying. If you can't find anything out then I would keep it :)

humm maybe it's a virus....becareful :P

Carol B
Call the place that sent it ot you...if they agree to give it to you for free then you can keep it...I have a feeling they'll want it back.

sounds like a gift

Sounds very suspicious to me. Might want to talk to the police, it could be stolen property. If it's not stolen than you'll get to keep it.

I say that because no company would send something as expensive as a blueray player to someone without a return address or an invoice.

It might be a setup for a scam, so be careful and ask the cops about it.

Probably a gift. Look carefully at the packing materials, there may be a clue who sent it. If not, I'm sure they'll tell you in a few days.

There is NO return address at all? Does it look professionally packed? Or like a friend or relative packed it?

Be careful, it could be a scam. If someone sends you a bill for it, come back here and ask for further opinions. Or contact the post office.

wewantthefunk giveupthefunk
well it depends on how much of an ahole you are

it has your name and address.. i don't see why you can't. it's not really stealing since it has your name on it.

Seemingly the answer would be yes. It could be a gift from someone, and you won't know it until they ask about it. At this time of the year this seems very likely.

However, there have been scams reported that start like this. More packages show up and then you get a call asking you to forward to packages to nigeria. They even pay for shipping. Only problem is you're complicitly helping in ID Fraud.

When in doubt, call a cop.

if it was addresed to you than yes other wise no. Keep it and get sum blueray films to watch!

I would be cautious, There may be a reason that there is no return address. It might be stolen property, find out is it has been stolen before you decide weather or not to keep it.

Lisa D
I think you can, keep the packaging just incase, later yiu get abill for it or something.

Alyssa's mommy
Maybe someone sent it to you as a gift? I don't know what I would do in your situation. It might feel dishonest to me, but there is not a return address, so I don't know what you would do with it. If you returned it to the post office it would sit in the unclaimed packages room forever. I am not sure. I would probably keep it, but it is a moral thing.

Dana R
If you did not order it and there is no return address you can keep it. Did you check for paperwork or a note inside the box? BTW the post office cannot look up delivery information on a package with no return address unless it was shipped using a tracking number! That dumb girl gave everyone above her thumbs down. She deserves all the thumbs down!

I would!

Legally you are not responsible until some one steps up to the plate and asks for it back or gives you a reasonable reason why it was sent to you! You don't know where it came from! Do not open or use for a certain amount of time (Legal Issue?) If and when you open it, I would be very cautious!!!

Sounds like maybe someone sent it to you for Christmas?

Look Away, I'm Hideous
no return address, could be a bomb

El Mexicano
All depends in your honesty and ethics. You can keep since it was address to you, but keep on mind that nothing is free. So you may receive a bill later or a request to return it because it was address to you in error.

Of course you can always claim that you did not receive it, but there is where your honesty and ethic play a roll.

Do what is best and remember do not anything that you will not like to be done to you.

Time Will Tell
Without a return address, it's not as if you can send it back. Did you have to sign for it or anything?

If there's no return receipt, then they have no idea you received it.

Even so, it's the ethics of the situation. Ethically, you should at least try to send it back. But quite frankly, I'm not sure if you can.

Suppose you can. There is no place given to return it. You will probably find out it is a Christmas gift from someone.

raddy daddy
Does it have a bill with it? If it does, return postage ASAP, unless you have the money for it, then pay for it. If not, then Santa thought you were a good person and you should keep it.

Tell it like it is
Sounds like santa came early :-)

If your name is on it you can definitely open it and keep it. Maybe someone sent it to you as a gift.

Maybe it was a gift from someone - if it has your name and address on it then there is no legal reason why you cannot keep it.

Sure it may have been a gift from someone else. I will inspect it and unscrew and open it up before I plug it in though, may be a bomb or something.

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