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Can direct TV charge me a early disconnect fee without a signed contract?
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Can direct TV charge me a early disconnect fee without a signed contract?

I went to wal-mart and bought a reciver, then bought my own dish, hooked it up, and set up the account. At no time was I told or understood that I was going to be under contract, and never signed anything. I cancelled it, and a couple days later they had charged me $150. I called up, typical run-around stuff. I had considered getting a lawer, but that of course is too expencive. I think what I am more mad about is that big companys can do what ever they want, and get away with it. Anyway, are they legal to do this? Is there any retailitory action I can take?


I am unsure from your question how long you had the service running.

If you have had it running for a while the fact that you have used the service for a period of time ( i would say a couple of months) then that would imply that there was a contract and that you were happy with it. If you cancelled the contract immediately eg within a week - 14 days of setting up the account I would say that you were not under any obligation to them.

I am not a lawyer so I would not go on what I say I would seek some legal advice there must be a citizen's advice buro or something similar where you can get free advice or a legal drop in service.

I am like you when big business want to take the p1ss I want to fight them, even if it costs me what I would have had to pay them to fight them.

Good luck mate

You have to look at your bill and your account to see if it was under contract. If it wasn't under contract then you should pay the $150 so it doesn't go against your credit and then sue DirectTV for that $150.

If there is no contract they can't, but I'll bet somewhere in the process where you set up the account there was a reference to an early disconnect charge.

Great question! I live in an apartment building and move somewhat frequently so I know that I would NEVER agree to a 2-year contract. I upgraded to a dvr. Their website says NOTHING about entering a contract. The rep who took my order did not inform mention any form of contract/terms/agreement before nor after taking my order. When the installer appeared, again, no mention whatsoever about a contract. None of my bills say anything about a yearly commitment/agreement. The invoices say to refer to your first bill of service...I've kept everything even the inserts...there is nothing about an agreement.

DirecTV is bad about that.

If you have not signed or verbally agreed to a commitment, you can fight it. But, you have to be careful. It may be in tiny letters on your receipt. Written in Aramaic. In invisible ink.

I have absolutely refused to agree to any contract or commitment, yet they still think I am under one--even after I had an email war with some executive there who finally agreed that I am not. Lunacy.

Know this: No contract is binding unless both parties agree.

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