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Can my boss legally tell me how I can use my vacation time and do I have a discrimination case?
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Can my boss legally tell me how I can use my vacation time and do I have a discrimination case?

My boss found out that I lied to her to get time off. When she found out I addmited to her that I lied only cause I knew she would not let me have the time off. After that she replied that she doesn't think it was worth taking time off for. BTW it was for a convention I go to every year with friends. I apologized but asked her why she let another empoyee take time off to go to Vegas? My second question is, can it be considered dicrimination if she lets every other employee take time off but not me. I am the only one in the office that has vacation time left and she refuses to let me use it.


sounds like discrimination to me, you shouldn't be treated any differently than your coworkers.

definitely is

Emma L
If you have vacation time, that's definitely your call, and yeah, she has no right to ask. If you're lying for extra time, that's her call.

Ask a lawyer for specifics. That law probably gets pretty convoluted, and specifics on vacation time may have to do with company policy.

It is not necessarily discrimination, but it is VERY illegal! If you have a lawyer talk to him/her and tell her about this. Plus, you cannot be told how to spend your vacation time, you can sit home and just sleep if you want to, because an employer has no right to pervade into the personal lives of their employees. She could get in huge trouble if she refuses you vacation time that is required by law...

no, its her call you shouldnt have lied to her about it

Pənny Proud
No. It's none of their business what you're doing, and it shouldn't even be asked! If you have time-off left, she can't keep you from using it.

Charles C
You say you lied to get time off. Sounds suspicious if it was vacation time. If it is vacation you have no obligation to explain what you are doing. All you would ask for is vacation.
I suppose that there are rules as to advance notice of your wanting to use vacation time.Did you comply with those rules? I think not since you admit that you lied.
Why would you lie when you are taking vacation which you are obviously entitled to by the terms of your employment?

Eric H
If you have vacation time, the employer can often tell you when you may take your vacation, but they have to let you take the vacation within a specified number of weeks.

See your employment standards office for your area - the rules vary.

Has she given you any other reason for not wanting you to take time off? Could it be that too many others who have worked there longer have the same week off?

If you are the new girl in the office, you don't get that much choice on when to take your vacation. The others go first. That's a bennie and you will use your seniority against new hires later.

If this is not the case and the office is fully staffed, you might be able to scream discrimination. It will probably cost you your job, though. Is it worth it?

Koi Fish
I think having vacation time is required. Go talk to a lawyer.

She cannot legally do this. Your vacation time is YOUR time, and she cannot dictate what you do with it

David H
You should find another job and quit. Be sure to tell her why you are leaving. Is there an employment agreement? The only way you have a legal case is if she violated it. If it says you get x amount of vacation time then she has no business telling you that you can't use it. She can have some control about when you use it based on needs of the company. You shouldn't have to discuss why you are going on vacation with your boss. If they asked me, and they never did, I would just say something general like, personal business, or recreation.

It is not up to your boss to determine what is worth you taking vacation for. So long s you give the proper notice, she does not need to know why you want the time off. Of course if you lied to get time off at the last moment, she has a point.

It probably doesn't rise to the level of discrimination but it is inappropriate for her to comment on what you do with your personal time. You should meet with HR to find out just what the guidelines are for requesting and being granted leave. I doubt you have to justify your request or have your plans for how you spend the time vetted by your boss.

Don't get defensive with HR. Do tell them the boss is making you uncomfortable by delving into your personal time away from the office.

Your boss has NO right to tell you how to spend your vacation. You shouldn't have even had to give an excuse when you asked for the time off. Next time just ask and say "personal reasons" if they ask.

If they fire you for it then yes you have a case, but otherwise, it's just an annoyance.

If a vendor offers to pay for you to come to a conference and you are going during your vacation time; can they refuse to let you go to that conference because the vendor paid for it? If it's my own time can they threaten to write you up if you attend?

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