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Can the state really suspend my license for not paying a parking ticket???
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Can the state really suspend my license for not paying a parking ticket???

I live in Michigan and I got a nonsense parking ticket for a one hour violation where there was no one hour sign. This happened back in September and I have been ignoring it. Yesterday they sent me a letter in the mail saying that my licenses can be suspended in 14 days if I dont pay. It also says that a warrant can be issued for my arrest and that they can refuse to renew my licenses. Can they really suspended my licenses for a parking ticket?? I have never gotten a moving violation so how can they do this??


When you ignored the ticket you in effect plead guilty. Now you have to pay the fine.

Did you really think that if you ignored it - it would go away?!?!?

Ignoring what John the driving Nazi just said,, i would still pay it and be done with it. Why tempt fate?

OH a serious question for once ! Hopefully Yahoo will suspend you from making up stories and wasting everyones time ! HMM maybe if i keep reporting you they will !

salma z s
hi they can reject your license.

Generally, the answer is yes, because even if the infraction is "silly," so long as you're provided due process (i.e. notice and a hearing) and the punishment isn't "cruel and unusual," states have a wide range of selecting crimes and punishing offenders.
Although you have some very interesting points related to this particular crime. The biggest issue of which is that the ticket belongs to the person who parked your car there, and not necessarily you. Say you offered to loan your car to a friend who parked illegally and got a ticket. They are threatening to take your license away, even though they have no proof that you were the person who actually parked there.
Thus, the state cannot meet their burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt that you're guilty of the parking violation. Therefore, the state cannot prove that you're guilty of not paying a (legally issued) parking citation.

A similar issue has arisen in some cities that have attempted to catch people running red lights. At least one court has declared such law enforcement unconstitutional because it targets only the car and not the driver:

Try them if you want, But You will end up paying more than the ticket!

Go Pay It!

When you receive the ticket there is a certain time frame to ask the court to hear the case, if you do not then basically you are found guilty.

Once found guilty the court can punish you by suspending you licence or even sending you to jail.

Firstly, a driver's licence is a privilege issued to you by the state and they can suspend it whenever they want. Secondly the law clearly states (in most jurisdictions) that an outstanding fine is grounds not to renew your licence.

Secondly you broke the law. You can not get caught breaking the law, and pled guilty (by not doing anything) and you expect the courts to just go away now?

just browsin
I HATE PARKING TICKETS!!! Nevertheless, not paying for the ticket is breaking the law, and yes, they can suspend your license.

Pay your fine or lose your license and pay higher insurance

john n
Driving is a priviledge and not a right. Your liscence is issued with the understanding that you are going to obey all the rules of the road.
No matter how silly the infraction, you must pay the fine assessed to you or face the consequence such as those explained to you.

Unfortunately, yes. In some jurisdictions (England comes to mind) it gets worse: the baliff comes and tows your car or enters your house and takes stuff.

That's why professional scofflaws register their cars in company names!

Cindy S
No, they're just joking with you! It's all for laughs!

YES! They can suspend your license.

Go down to that courthouse and beat that cop and judge with your personal collection of whips and chains and make them pay the ticket for you.

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