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Does the company have to give you the reasons why they have rejected your job application?
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Does the company have to give you the reasons why they have rejected your job application?

Job hunting, excitement, waiting, waiting, and more waiting, and finally, that 3 line email. Not being successful is no problem, but I can kind of get annoyed when they do not give you any details, only a blank 'no'. Does anyone know whether the company actually has any obligation to give you the details on request? Or are they absolutely free to turn you down without any explanation? Any extra obligations for firms that advertise themselves as 'equal opportunities' employers? Thanks, folks.


no but they do sometimes i had a answer once it was because where i lived and then offered me a job 40miles away

Chuck P
It's an application for work, they have the right to choose who they want to employ, it's not up for debate.

This would depend. As a Manager of a small charity, I occasionally recruit staff. We advertise and can get up to 50 applicants. We usually shortlist and interview about 5 candidates. Usually, one of them gets the job and we offer feedback to the 4 unsuccessful candidates. We could not possibly give feedback to the remaining 45.

It is also true to say that we get applicants who do not meet the essential requirements in terms of the person or job specification and for that reason they are not shortlisted for interview. Hope this helps?

Should be Working!
They don't have to give you a reason, but if you want to know I would call and ask. Just tell them that you are trying to learn from your mistakes and want to know what you could improve on in interviews. Most employers are willing to tell you.
Good luck.

I did not even get a response from my last in`view, so I called them up ,- they said the boss is in a meeting (yah right) he will call you back and let you know ``if he wants to``.
Considerate people at V.W.
Well he obviously did`nt want to cos no phone call, - makes me glad I never got the job workin for ar***oles like that!!
All I wanted was a simple `Yes` or `No`, whats a 30 second phone call?

Gen. Stiggo
It's a good idea to ask, but make sure you're polite and that you frame it as a means to correct whatever was wanting. They don't have to give you any information (Heck, lots of times I didn't even hear back from them in the first place), but many times they will do it to help you out.

You could phone them up and ask why your application didn't make it to the interview stage.

They do not have to tell you but most companies will try to help .
Usually applicants are rejected as they don't fill in the forms properly.
If thye send out a job specification make sure you meet all these specifications and ensure you mention it in your application they have to give you an interview if you hit all the Job specification points. Good luck

Joe Kool
You're lucky to get even a no these days. Most times you don't hear at all. I've even had joke reasons like "not enough experience" when I've been in IT for 20 years.

keith e
hi no they don't have to tell you why they have turned you down i know what you mean it does get annoying when companies just say no . but that's life just keep trying you will get a job . good luck

The Real America
They are not obligated to inform you of why they have not hired you. If they did tell you something, like "we hired a candidate with more relevant experience", could you really believe it anyway? Of course they do not want to be confrontational, and you likely wouldn't get the real reason(s) anyway.

Why would anyone give you an explanation? There is no benefit to a company to do that and it leaves them open to law suits.

When you apply for a job and go through the interview process, observe the work environment, the kind of people who are working at the company, the way they dress and conduct themselves. Listen to the person who interviews you. From your observations, you can come to some conclusions about what the company might be seeking in a new employee.

That information may help you adjust the way you present yourself at the next interview.

The hiring process is difficult to understand. You may be selected over more experienced people because the person who interviews you just feels comfortable with you, or you may be eliminated because you remind them of someone they like but would not want to work with everyday.

An employer has no obligation to tell you why you were not selected, and you have no obligation to tell them why you chose to decline their offer for employment. It works both ways.

The fact that you even get a turn-down letter is something. Legally they owe you nothing.

They do not have to tell you, if you are curious you can call their HR department and manager as inquire as to what the reason was and if there was a way to improve that for future opportunities.

Most will tell you that you are not the most qualifies applicant however.

the key word is "feedback". ask for feedback.

loopy loo
dont think so, but if they interview more than one person, then someone gets the job, the rest get let down, bad luck, my daughter had her first job interview a few weeks ago, she came out bubbling, thought she had done really well, had a phone call few days later, saying thanks for your time, but the position has been filled, she was really dissappointed

They do not have to tell you. If you are running up against rejection again and again consider spending some money to get your resume professionally written and take a short course on how to interview. Little things can sink an applicant. I recall that I was hirng a few months ago and a young lady in the lobby waiting to see me was chatting on her cell phone. To me that eliminated her. She did not have courtesy or sense to put down the cell phone and focus on her upcoming interview.

Native Artist

they don't have to tell you, some do, most don't..
you can get in touch and ask if they have any feedback or constructive criticism they can give you BUT understand it may be they got loads of applicants and don't have time to tell you anything...
good luck next time

no..they dont have to give a reason. problem is..for every job advertised - there are hundreds of applications...so the company have to draw up a short list of possibilites. ...otherwise they would be interviewing forever more!

my friend's daughter, trained in the legal profession..and she has literally applied for hundreds of positions..and it took nearly 2 years, and many interviews for her to get a placement in a law firm.

her studies are on going...but she is placed. it has been a very difficult time for her & she felt quite rejected at times...so my advice is..dont give up - these days, it takes time - but you will get there in the end - think positive! good luck!

no they don't have to tell you anything, all the best

Only if you're rejected for certain reasons. The Fair Credit Reporting Act for example, states that if a prospective employer has denied you because of a damaging credit report then they must inform you of such. Otherwise, it depends largely on the state that you live in.

no dear boy, no one is required to tell you why you didn't get the job. You can write and ask if there is anything you could have done to improve your chances for getting a job with them, but that is about it.

They do not have to give you reasons they are rejecting your application. Also, if you are just submitting applications via internet then I wouldn't even call for feed back b/c they probably have received hundreds of applications and send out the overall no response to most. Maybe bring your resume to some proffessionals to help you and give you tips on how to improve it. Once you start interviewing and they turn you down then you can call and ask their reasoning.

They arent obliged to tell you, some do out of politeness. Others dont care.
I've been there, done that and i know how you feel

louby loo
you wouldnt lose anything by giving them a call no worries it may be fate and a better job my come your way good luck

No, they owe you nothing legally or morally. However, you can try calling them and asking for their opinion/advice on what you should work on to make you a better applicant. Some employers will take the time to do that, but most won't.

There is no obligation on their part to tell you why you've failed to get the job. You can always ring them up and ask for feedback, though. They might tell you some home truths you'd rather not hear ...

ok. they dont have to tell you? is that what you all are saying? but tell me this. I applied on several occassions at this one particular bank. all of my colleagues at my present employ did as well. I am the only one doing bank administration work where i am. the others have less experience than me.at first i thought it had to do with the others being black and having to fill their BEE quota but no, people from my race got a call back in less than a week. and guess what, one of the jobs i applied for, you needed to only have a grade 10.its not rocket science!! i have a hell of a lotta experience wiorking in customer care so what is up with that. i sentb an e-mail to their H.R department,very politely requesting feedback and still no response.

I spent about 3 hours doing an application form for St. John's Ambulance and had to fax it to two different people, and post it. The letter came through about 4 days later saying 'On this occasion we are not going to take your application to the next stage' but their toning made it sound like I'd done something wrong, so I asked and the dude there was SOOOO offensive! I no longer donate to St. John's Ambulance, what a bad example to set for themselves

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