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Can u go 2 jail by...?
Find answers to your legal question.

Can u go 2 jail by...?

Sending mean txt and emails and messages 2 some1? Bc i sent a mean message and txts and her aunt is threatening me dat she will call the police if i send another message.


You can't go to jail for sending a text message or an email, You coul get charged for harrassing someone depending on how bad the message is but i highly doubt that the law would get involved in something so minor,

Unless your sending death threats.

If she said stop, And u kept sending them yes. Its called Harrasment. Even on the internet if you sent mean messeges after someone told you to stop you can get in trouble.

If you make or imply a threat you're guilty of assault. If you persist after being asked to stop, you're guilty of harassment. Grow up and leave her alone.

I really don't think you can go to jail if you said like "oh you're a b*tch" or something..but maybe if you threatened her life you could...the worst that could happen is they could get ur number blocked and maybe a restraining order against you?? I'm not too sure though

English teacher
anything you send via text or e-mail can be tracked - even if you deleted it. Your phone and your e-mail are little smart computers. You may hit delete and even throw away the "trash" .. but it can be pulled up if law enforcement demands it.

Also, once you have sent it to someone, you have NO control over what they do with the photo or the text. In essence, don't send out something you don't want to bite you back later.

Even if a harassment suit was not successful, you are still stuck defending yourself and paying for it - or your parents are if you are a minor.

You can wind up in court over a lot less - and harassment is something that courts don't take kindly too - even if you are just a kid or claim ignorance.

If someone wants to sue you over harassing mesages, they can. Don't bully is the bottom line. And even more so, don't leave a paper trail via e-mail messages, cel phones, text messages, so on. You can't control what someone does with the mean messages you might send.

Leonardo D
yea its called harassment, SWIM had to do 30 hrs community service for "harassing" this girl with angry messages. It really depends what it was, if you threatened her or sent a lot after she told you to stop you will be in trouble but if it was just once nd you were like yelling at her it would be a lot less serious.

You probably wont go to jail, actually you definitly wont.

if you send over and over and over thats harassment and you can get fined or a restraining order or something like that but I dont think you would go to jail thats a little extreme

if it was a death threat then possibly...

but if u sed something like 'f.u.c.k. you!!!' or sumthin liek that, i dont think so but if you keep up, they could arrest you for harrassment...

Fadda F
yes you can this is a sreious crime

i dont know...and she can definity sue you

Not at all. Only if you are threatening them or any of their family members

you cant go to jail
but you could get in trouble if you threatened her...

Megan <33
This same thing happened to my friend the most that will happen if he calls is the police come to your house and tell you to stop. =]

If she's asked you to stop and you continue, then you can be charged with harassment and stalking, yes.

they can at the very least call the police and document it so it will be on public record. then if anyone was to do a background check on you locally it may pop up.

if you are threatening or harrasing her in any way yes you can be arrested.

You can be charged with telecommunications harassment.

Yeah, Its called Harassment.

no prob not you prob put under a charge cause of harrasment dont send another!

Eric K
Yes you can it is a form of harassment which is illegal. If you were threating harm it could be a felony charge. So my advice. STOP!

Ryan K
u naughty naughty girl..

you won't go to jail
But you can get charged

margie k
Yes you can get in a lot of trouble, it is called terroristic threats. Don't be foolish, stop sending the stuff. It can be traced and printed out very easily.

probably not.
but if they had a good lawyer, id watch out
maybe you should apologize to her just in case...

For threats, you may be questioned and since they have proof, I'd back off. Keep it verbal so they can't prove anything. Probably won't go to jail for a threat but just be careful. Sometimes it's all in who you know.

Mike R
Never underestamate the stupidity of the police.

How would you have answered this? What if my 5 year old throws a temper tantrum at aschool can the police arrest her?

in Thai state of texas you can ,if you threatened her in any way or to harm her . and they can prove you sent it .it is harassment or a terroristic threat. in tha town of bc,tx .you go in front of a jugde for it .i work fro teen court see these cases all the time ..depends on severity of thraet . she can get a protective order againest you .that would not be good for you .i suggest you leave her alone.i don't know where your from but here that's what can happen

If you are threatening to harm her you could possibly ... other than that they could issue a citation for harassment and you would just have to pay a ticket...

You probably won't go to jail, but the police can be called.


Gail Bolt (Gail Kellett Bolt)
We are going to court tomorrow...for an avo my daughter took out on her ex....for harrassing and sending death threat messages over facebook which we kept (82 pages)...he was charged over this and have about another 32 pages to print out today....he knows for sure he will go to jail over this and i hope he goes for a long time as he has done this kind of thing before.....YAY

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