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Help! my tenant destroyed my home and I had to pay 10,000 in reconstruction costs? What are my rights?
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Help! my tenant destroyed my home and I had to pay 10,000 in reconstruction costs? What are my rights?

One day I was visiting my house and I came into a complete mess, the walls were broken, the garage was destroyed, the carpet was stained with red liquid, the counters were broken, basically an utter disaster. The reason behind this was unclear, something behind a divorce between our tenants. We had to pay 10,000 dollars for reconstruction costs over a period of 3 months. it is in NO way my fault. I want to sue but my ex-tenants told me he has no money and I can't sue him because hes in the military so he'll win the case anyways (WTF right?). Also, he has a lawyer as a relative and will fight back if we sue him. I'm scared i'll fork out the money for a lawyer and end up losing the case.

Tell me if this is a good idea?
I will have my brother pose as a prosecution attorney telling him we are suing for 40,000 dollars for all damages. I will have him say his success rate is 90% and our case against him is strong so it is an inevitable win. If you do not want to be sued, the only other option is to pay me 10,000 dollars for the damages and I will stay away from court. Do yu think that bluff will work?

THANKS IN ADVANCE. i am so frustrated:(


2010-09-07 06:08:16 +0000
Being in the military doesn't give him a free pass to destroy personal property. I hope you took lots of pictures. If you didn't,you are probably SOL.
Hire an attorney and sue him. If you get a judgment against him,you can have his wages garnished.

2010-09-07 22:56:16 +0000
Wasn't this a movie? Did you take photos of the damages? You mention "Tenants," is there another name on the lease, like his ex? Sue her as well. I would really consider going to a lawyer. Who cares what relatives that idiot has? I'd tell him my uncle is a judge.

Don't send your brother, hire a lawyer. Lawyers send letters with legal language that scares people. They don't knock on your door and try to make a deal.

As for your tenant, I have a lot of respect for the military, but this is just plain wrong. Get a lawyer! You could probably even find one that has a free consultation.

Good luck!

2010-09-07 04:39:56 +0000
Get a real attorney. The bluff is an invitation for disaster. You can at very least contact his superior officer and get him in trouble with the military. They do not like this kind of behavior in their ranks any more than you do.

2010-09-07 04:28:42 +0000
unless he's got money, there is not much you can do except report it to the police. did you screen him before he moved in?

2010-09-07 06:11:19 +0000
document the damage,get estimates for nec repairs,while retaining any security deposit, re lease the building or rent it asap
make sure you get his sosh number,,,duty station,apo,ask state DMV for a vehicle ID, search trash left behind in garbage cans for bank statements and misc info
personal property,like boat,RV,motorcycle,,,,get a real attorney to do this,,, serve the guy a summons
have the court look at the damage,get a judgment,,, a writ to seize assets

2010-09-07 04:27:20 +0000
jail destruction of private property seek restitution

2010-09-07 04:28:01 +0000
Sue for the damages and for costs. That way it covers the damages and the legal bill. Why get caught up in all of the theatrics of lying about it all. Especially since if they call your bluff then you are going to be fighting for real, from a position of weakness.

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